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“The Voice Kids”: Day four of the Blind Auditions is packed with international hits; follow

With a repertoire full of greats international hits of stars like Beyoncé, Adele and Bruno Mars, the fourth day of Blind Auditions comes to highlight the talent and stories of young voices taking their first steps in music careers.

On this Sunday’s program, coaches Carlinhos Brown, Michel Teló and Maiara & Maraisa continue their mission of selecting the best prodigies for their teams. On the penultimate day of Blind Auditionsthe technicians will have to be very careful to put together the last spots of their teams, which will have 21 members each by the end of this phase.

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In addition to national projection and the unforgettable experience of having participated in the largest music competition for children on Brazilian television, the winner of The Voice Kids takes home a prize of R$ 250,000 and a contract with the Universal Music label.

Check out all the performances from Day 4 of the Blind Auditions 👇🎵

Isis Testa sings

Isis Testa sings “Listen” at blind auditions

Isis Testa was born into a family of musicians and was interested in art from an early age. At the age of 10, the participant came from Natal (RN) and loved to sing the ballad “Listen” by Beyoncea song chosen by his mother.

  • phrase: “My father’s friends used to joke with him that I wouldn’t cry [ao nascer]they said I would be born singing” (Isis Testa)
  • technician’s opinion: “You moved me. You have a childlike voice, but it is very powerful and consistent. You chose a very difficult song and mastered this song perfectly.” (Michel Telo)

Julia Almeida (Telo Team)

Julia Almeida sings

Julia Almeida sings “Evidence” at Blind Auditions

Julia Almeida, from the town of Sete Lagoas in Minas Gerais, learned to love music at home with her father, who is a singer and has performed with his daughter in front of 10,000 people. At the auditions, the 14yearold sang the classic “Evidence”, an anthem by Chitaozinho & Xororó.

  • phrase: “[Meu sonho é] To be recognized musically and to bring the music to a lot of people. I believe that music heals many people.” (Julia Almeida)
  • technician’s opinion: “I was struck by her steadfastness in singing […] You have your own way of singing. You’re already a great singer at 14.” (Michel Teló)
Duda Sena sings

Duda Sena sings “Canto das Três Raças” at the blind auditions

Duda Sena became interested in music after she started singing in church and also enjoys expressing herself through dance. The 13yearold participant came from the city of Nazaré Paulista (SP) and presented the “Canto das Três Raças”, a classic of the Clara Nunes.

  • phrase: “I have a big dream of touring around singing and dancing and showing the people who accompany me who I am. And maybe one day a Grammy.” (Duda Sena)
  • technician’s opinion: “This girl sings too much.” (Michel Telo)

Antonio Marques (Telo Team)

Antonio Marques sings

Antonio Marques sings “Qui Nem Giló” in the blind auditions

Antonio Marques, from the town of Cabedelo, Paraíba, animated the stage of The Voice Kids by recording “Qui Nem Giló”, a classic Luis Gonzaga, to the program phase. The 10yearold boy got all the technicians to turn their chairs to his baião!

  • phrase: “When I was 4, my parents sang in church. There was a day I decided to sing with my mother and I fell in love with the music.” (Antonio Marques)
  • technician’s opinion: “You sing so beautifully and make us happy” (Michel Teló)
Laís Paixão sings

Laís Paixão sings “Estrada da Vida” at the blind auditions

Laís Paixão, 11, from São Paulo, grew up in a musical environment and decided to take a song she’d learned to like at home to the blind auditions: the duo’s “Estrada da Vida.” Millionaire & Jose Rico.

  • phrase: “My grandmother sang at weddings, in restaurants and I was always very fond of music. I have karaoke at home and my whole family sings. We have fun singing the old songs that we like.” (Laís Passion)
  • technician’s opinion: “What a beautiful thing, folks!” (Michel Telo)

Nanda Santiago (Team Brown)

Nanda Santiago sings

Nanda Santiago sings “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” at Blind Auditions

Nanda Santiago is 13 years old, hails from Aracaju (SE) and brought another international hit to the Blind Auditions with a lively interpretation of the song “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” by Adele.

  • phrase: “I’ve always liked music, but I started rehearsing the vocal part when I joined the choir. I’m a very anxious person and I think I feel more comfortable singing with more people.” (Nanda Santiago)
  • technician’s opinion: “You have a great voice.” (Michel Telo)