The VIPs allegations against Antonella Fiordelisi Big Brother VIP

The VIPs’ allegations against Antonella Fiordelisi Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

In the most spied house in Italy, tensions are rising and clashes are the order of the day.

Just last week, an awkward joke was actually made Antonella opposite to Tavassi and micol it caused the VIPs to bang hard, which inevitably impacted the #Donnalisi couple as well. After showing the summary clip, Alfonso tries to understand a bit more about the matter and asks all the VIPs involved for their opinion.

In the face of Oriana’s insinuations, the former fencer says she doesn’t want to give weight to the words she just heard. “If you tell the truth, you’re always considered a bad guy,” he says.

Oriana, on the other hand, repeats her thoughts: “You’re a liar, you’re mean,” she exclaims, admitting that she doesn’t appreciate her behavior, thinking that the VIP’s only goal is to get the whole house fighting .

Tavassi also intervened in the speech, who agrees with the influencer that the former fencer does nothing but make provocative jokes to all her roommates.

“Sincerity is one thing, not filtering is another,” adds Micol, who, annoyed by the joke made between her and Davide before the kiss, doesn’t understand why she unnecessarily brought up this issue.

At this point Alfonso also asks for Edoardo’s opinion: the boy also acknowledges what he has heard and admits that he cannot tolerate certain attitudes of the VIP.

Apparently, the situation in the house is becoming more and more complicated. How will the coexistence between VIPs develop?