The video by Babo de Cártel de Santa caused a sensation on social networks    El Mañana

The video by Babo de Cártel de Santa caused a sensation on social networks El Mañana

This Monday became a trend Treasurethe singer and leader of “Santa Cartel” because through pages the images in which he is appreciated have been filtered his packfor which it caused a sensation on social networks.

It was through your account onlyfans, in which Treasure released a song titled “Remember me”and because of its high caloric content, the pictures in which teaches more and it was an issue between men and women.

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Fans are shocked by the pictures

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above Twitter, Netizens stood out and were impressed with the qualities he displayed Treasure in the video and it didn’t take long comparisons with Gabriel Soto Y Luis Roberto Alves “Zague”.

completely uncensored

Although the video isn’t new, it caused quite a stir on social media as it appears uncensored on his OnlyFans account.

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After his name became a trend, netizens on social networks asked each other to share the images to see them Babo uncensored.

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“We will see Role in Babo video’, ‘The Babo video warmed me up, ‘Holy mother… the Babo Videos‘, ‘I’ve already seen Babo’s non-por video that… Keseso?!’, ‘Sorry God, but I’ve already seen Babo’s video’, ‘I was fine until I saw that non-por video of babo”.

There were those who were against it

Although many people on social media welcomed the leak of the images, there were some who spoke out against it.

You should be ashamed of this ball of G and B idolizing a porn video of an aggressor and misogynist like the Babo de Cártel de Santa. All of this is disgusting, as is the music of this group.

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Treasurefrom Christmas cartel It became a trend after it was leak pics uncensored from a music video only fans The singer can be seen in the photos that are circulating in the networks shows his pack.