The US is also expanding sanctions against Iran

The US is also expanding sanctions against Iran

After the European Union, the US government is also expanding its sanctions against Iran. The US Treasury Department said on Monday it would meet with senior government officials and commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its economic arm.

Specifically, the punitive measures would be imposed on Iran’s deputy intelligence minister and four Revolutionary Guard commanders responsible for the violent crackdown on anti-government protests. In addition, a group of companies and five members of their supervisory board who controlled the Revolutionary Guard’s economic activities were targeted, he said. Property of affected individuals and corporations in the US must be frozen.

The new sanctions were coordinated with the EU and Great Britain. This is a reaction to the serious human rights violations committed by the Revolutionary Guard, responsible for the violent repression of protesters in the country. EU countries have also previously imposed new sanctions on Iran.

The elite military is designed to protect the state’s ideology

The Revolutionary Guard is largely responsible for the repression of protests in Iran that last for months. They are Iran’s elite military, tasked with stopping the W6a Marines and, more importantly, a coup. In recent decades, the entity has also grown and become an economic power.

The trigger for the protests in the country was the death of Jina Mahsa Amini on September 16, 2022 in police custody. The Iranian Kurd was arrested by the so-called moral police for violating Iran’s Islamic dress code. The protests plunged the political leadership into one of the worst crises in decades. More recently, the execution of demonstrators in particular has caused horror. (dpa)