The US gives the go  ahead for a government called Meloni "Not at the end of the world…"

The US gives the go ahead for a government called Meloni "Not at the end of the world…"

Washington. Joe Biden will “take action” against Italy’s new head of government, “whoever he is”, and give his personal assessments, but one thing is certain: Italy “will not withdraw from the Western coalition in support”. Ukraine. And it is good that we in Europe are also stopping paying attention to the “disaster narrative” about the elections in Italy. Once again Washington bursts into the Italian election campaign. If recently it was the State Department that dropped the “bombshell” on Russian funding for political parties around the world, this time the White House is stepping in directly, but to send a very different message. No longer a warning to possible pro-Russian fifth columns, but to those aiming to delegitimize the likely outcome of the September 25 vote. The sham referendums in Donbass and other occupied Ukrainian territories and Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat have increased the scale of the clash with Moscow in a matter of hours. So this is the US government’s reasoning, this is not the time to play the ‘choosy’, the choosy in the wake of the American and European progressive press, which continues to sound the alarm about the “return of fascism”. Italy. A risk, moreover, that the White House never believed in. The same concept expressed a few days ago by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Hungary has just been condemned by the European Parliament: “Budapest is our ally in NATO.” Period. And that is why, from New York, the Biden administration has clearly spelled out how it will act towards the new government, using the formula of a confidential meeting with a senior official: “Whoever the new Italian Prime Minister is, the President must speak to us immediately and take that person’s actions and determine what that will mean.” And again: “We do not believe that Italy will separate itself from the Au elections will somehow withdraw from the Western coalition of countries supporting Ukraine, and we believe that even our most important partners in Europe do not think so.” A very clear message, being spread in the hours when the heads of state and heads of government from all over the world are gathered at the UN headquarters. Of course, the official added: “It doesn’t mean it will be exactly like Draghi. But we think that this doomsday narrative about the Italian elections does not live up to our expectations of what will happen ».
At the same time, back in the United States, at Princeton, in a debate and in the face of a question about voting in the Peninsula, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen outlined the European stakes: “We work with every government Democrat, who is willing to work with us. We will see the result, there were elections in Sweden too. When things go in a difficult direction, we have instruments, as in the case of Poland and Hungary.”
In this context, the outgoing Prime Minister’s visit to New York for the work of the UN General Assembly took place. While the top US government official was clearing the likely winners of Italy’s elections through customs, Draghi was briefly with the other leaders at the Natural History Museum in New York, where President Biden had invited world leaders the Premier, at his (for the time being) last appearance on the big stage. It has been said that the missed meeting was due to Biden’s tight agenda. In fact, during the two days in New York, the US President met with UN Secretary Guterres, British Prime Minister Truss, French Macron, Philippine President Marcos Jr., South Korean Yoon and Japanese Kishida.