The US believes China is considering sending arms to Russia

The US believes China is considering sending arms to Russia for the war in Ukraine

WASHINGTON The US Secretary of State, Anton Blinkensaid that the US believe that the China considers providing weapons and other deadly tools Russia for your war in Ukraine. According to him, the action would cause serious problems for already strained relations with Washington, which have deteriorated in recent days with the Spy Balloon Episode.

the government of Joe Biden has warned Russia’s allies against providing military support to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. While the United States has so far only seen Beijing provide nonmilitary assistance to Russia, “Right now, based on the information we have, China worries us that they are considering lethal assistance,” Blinken said in an interview with CBS News Aired this Sunday 19.

Blinken, however, did not elaborate on what the United States believes China can deliver, but said it could include weapons and ammunition. The comments underscored the Biden administration’s concerns that Moscow, severely isolated by Western sanctions over its invasion, is increasingly turning to allies like China. will It is North Koreato conserve military supplies as their war nears the oneyear mark.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during the security conference in Munich Photo: Petr David Josek/AP

Blinken met with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Saturdayat an annual security conference in Munich, the first highlevel diplomatic exchange between the two sides since A Chinese spy balloon was found flying over the United States, leading to a deterioration in bilateral relations. A detailed report on the meeting released by the Chinese state news agency Xinhua made no mention of Russia or Ukraine.

The US Secretary of State has warned him of the repercussions and consequences for China if it is found to be providing material support to Russia in Ukraine or helping it escape Western sanctions for its invasion, the US State Department spokesman said. Ned priceReporting on the bilateral talks.

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But what US officials described as a difficult encounter between the two diplomats made clear how The war in Ukraine has become the latest flash point between the United States and China. And it came at a conference in wartorn Munich, where Western officials reiterated their determination to support Kiev as Russia seeks to ramp up a new offensive in eastern Ukraine.

The US comments are the clearest warning yet that China may be willing to go beyond rhetorical, political or diplomatic support for Russia and assist it with arms in its war in Ukraine. Also speaking to ABC, Blinken stressed that President Joe Biden had warned his Chinese counterpart that Xi Jinpingnot to send weapons to Russia as early as last March.

“Since then, China has been careful not to cross that line, even delaying the sale of lethal weapons systems for use on the battlefield,” according to a Biden administration source familiar with the matter.

Ukrainian flags fly over the graves of fallen Ukrainian soldiers in this photo taken in Kramatorsk on February 19, 2023.

The chief diplomat of European Union said on Sunday Western nations must quickly ramp up their military support to Ukraine, blaming delays in arms deliveries as the war enters a turning point he named.

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the diplomat Josep Borrell FontellesEU foreign policy chief said at Munich meeting praising and promising Ukrainian President Volodmir Zelenskyy, they weren’t enough. “It needs less applause and better arms deliveries,” Borrell said, adding that “a lot more needs to be done and a lot faster.”

President Joe Biden is to travel to neighboring Ukraine Polandon Tuesday 21 to mark Anniversary of the invasion of Russia. The President is expected Wladimir Putinfrom Russia, will give a speech on the same day.

As Russia looks to escalate an offensive in eastern Ukraine, Kiev’s allies have been working to find ways to provide additional military support. After lengthy discussions, the allies recently pledged to send tanks to Ukraine, a decision Borrell says took too long. “Everyone knows that you need tanks to win a war,” he said at the conference.

Wang Yi, director of the Bureau of China’s Central Foreign Affairs Commission, speaks at the Munich Security Conference. Photo: Petr David Josek/AP

China, Russia’s most influential partner, delivered a typically calibrated message at the conference. Wang, China’s top diplomat, said at the meeting that “nuclear wars must not be fought,” a possible signal to Moscow that China will not tolerate the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Russian officials threatened.

At the same time, Wang tried to shift the blame for the war from Russia, arguing that “some forces may not want to see peace talks” and “may have bigger strategic goals than Ukraine itself”. This language reflected the Kremlin’s claims, rejected by the West, that Moscow was ready to engage in good faith peace talks and that NATO intended to subjugate Russia.

Ukrainian authorities have warned of a possible Russian escalation planned for the first anniversary of the invasion. and heavy fighting was reported around the city on Sunday Kreminnaa small but important headland in the region of Donbass.

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Serhi Haidai, head of the regional military administration, described the situation around Kreminna as “difficult” and said there was constant shooting. “The Russians are trying to find a place where they can penetrate our defenses,” he told Ukrainian television./AFP and NYT