1672691962 The university student went to TAS over Al Fatehs non payment to

The university student went to TAS over Al-Fateh’s non-payment to Alex Valera

The university student went to TAS over Al Fatehs non payment to

Alex Walera He left university last season for the great experience of playing abroad; However, he is now living through a nightmare. It turns out that the Peruvian striker would have been sacked from Al-Fateh club for non-payment. This news was announced by journalist Gustavo Peralta.

Although there is still nothing official from the team in which Christian Cueva, the administrator of University, Jean Ferrari, He confirmed that Ate’s have already gone to TAS over the “breach of terms” they agreed to in August 2022 when the scorer signed for the Middle East team.

“We are already in the TAS for violating the terms agreed with Al-Fateh. We sent documents to the club and didn’t get a response, so we went to international bodies,” he told RPP.

The forward has only played a few games with Al-Fateh. He hasn’t scored yet. Photo: Twitter Al-Fateh

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Additionally, JeanFerrariI revealed that Al-Fateh is still in debt for the passport of alex valera, which cost 1.3 million euros, making it one of the most expensive sales in the history of the merengue team.

“Al-Fateh owes us 60% of Alex Valera’s passport,” said the former soccer player and current Universitario administrator.

Will Alex Valera make it to university?

Asked about the possibility that Alex Walera send back to University, Jean Ferrari ruled out this possibility for the time being.

“We don’t know if Alex Valera will be released or not. I don’t have this information. We talked about two other possible additions to the squad but it’s not about him,” he said.