The truth is revealed why Fernando Colunga retired from TV

The truth is revealed why Fernando Colunga retired from TV after Pasión y Poder Ella e online

Fernando Colunga Fernando Colunga
October 02, 2022 11:11 am

There’s no denying that Fernando Colunga is one of Mexico’s most famous and beloved actors; Just as his acting talent is undeniable, from the role of the noble but energetic Manuel Fuentes Guerra in True Love to the pirate in Pasión, his theatrical skills are to be admired.

Even in Pasión y Poder, where he played a cruel man, his performance was impeccable, along with Susana González, just watching him for a few minutes is enough to know that he is an exceptional actor, the role that gave him the TV y Novelas Award for Best Antagonist as Villain.

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So why has he been away from screens for so long after this acting success? Simply, success as an actor was for his great work, and his work as a villain would have been so good that they would have bought him the performance, and audiences accustomed to seeing him as the gallant of the gallant would have turned not used to seeing him as the villain of the film.

Fernando Colunga is not used to making mistakes

And therefore, if the novel had not had the desired success, Colunga could not have faced a failure in his career, it is said that he felt guilty because in his work, since his first leading role, he has become accustomed to always the To be the best and have the best viewership.