The truth about why Adela Noriega cared so much about

The truth about why Adela Noriega cared so much about her younger brother Ella e online

Adela Noriega and her siblings Adela Noriega and her siblings
October 02, 2022 2:14 p.m

Adela Noriega’s life is a true mystery, which is why thousands of rumors surround her life and loved ones. One of those rumors is the one that claimed the young actress had an affair with former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortaire, with whom she allegedly had a son.

This son would have been passed off as Adela’s brother who was in fact very close to her and accompanied her on some of her calls. However, this was never confirmed by the actress or young man in question.

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What is confirmed is that she took on all the family burdens after the death of her parents, that’s why she was so protective of her siblings, especially the youngest one because she felt he was the one who needed the most attention.

Alejandro Mendez is Adela Noriega’s little brother

The young man assured: “Adela always pays attention to her siblings, she is very simple, she is the best sister in the world, but for a study she is too demanding … I love my sisters very much, I admire Adela for their work and commitment Due to the circumstances we went through she took on the role of mother to me and that stays in my heart.” Now they both live in Miami and he helps Adela with her real estate business.