“The train of the multipolar world has already left the station,” says Pepe Escobar

“The train of the multipolar world has already left the station,” says Pepe Escobar

The international correspondent says tensions in Ukraine and Taiwan will not stop the new international order

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247 Directly from the city of Samarkand, a city in Uzbekistan that is one of the nerve centers of the New Silk Roads, international correspondent Pepe Escobar explained in an interview with journalist Leonardo Attuch, editor of TV 247, that the conflict between imperialism and Russia , on Ukrainian soil and tensions in Taiwan against China will not prevent the emergence of a new international order. “The train of the multipolar world has already left the station,” he says. “Ukraine is a pawn in the middle of the game between NATO and Eurasia,” he adds.

In his opinion, the biggest victims of the sanctions against Russia so far have been European countries. “Germany is coming out of denial. The six packages of sanctions are destroying the European economy,” he says.

In the interview, Pepe Escobar also spoke about Boris Johnson’s successor in England. “The British establishment is directly involved in the war against Russia. Liz Truss will win because an Indian cannot become British Prime Minister. As simple as that.”


Pepe Escobar also spoke about Taiwan. “The Chinese response would never be aggressive. It’s a calculated response, in time and over the long term. What the Chinese will do is repeat the total blockade of Taiwan. Xi Jinping has already shifted into sixth gear,” he said. “The ChinaRussia partnership is also at the highest level in the military sphere,” he added.


Pepe also agreed with the thesis defended by sociologist Boaventura Sousa Santos that Europe is becoming one big Puerto Rico. “We are witnessing the war between the Empire and its vassals against Eurasia. The empire suffers two humiliations: one in Afghanistan and one in Ukraine,” he says.


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