The tragic end of the playboy rabbit who married a millionaire and was left with no heir

The tragic end of the playboy rabbit who married a millionaire and was left with no heir

At 26, Victoria Lynn Hogan or Anna Nicole SmithShe went from working as a dancer to becoming a very wealthy woman who rose to fame in American show business, posing for several major brands and becoming the cover of Playboy magazine.

However, her short life was marked by tragedy before and after marrying an older man. This 89-year-old man turned out to be a recently widowed oil tycoon. His name was James Howard Marshall.

After seeing her at one of her presentations at a cabaret, the millionaire was smitten and suggested she be his girlfriend. “Don’t go love. You’ll never have to work again,” the man would have told him after a night together in his private suite.

Anna Nicole Smith and her husband James Howard Marshall. When they married she was 26 and he was 89. Photo: El País

From that moment Anna, who was also a single mother, began to enjoy mansions, luxurious cars, trips abroad and jewelry. At the same time, she was always striving to achieve her dream of becoming a model and actress.

So when one of her friends told her that Playboy needed rabbits, she didn’t think twice and applied to the famous magazine.

The result? The young woman was not only chosen, but also directed the cover. She also became a model for brands like Guess and H&M. In 1993 she was voted Playmate of the Year and decided to change her name to Anna Nicole Smith.

Anna Nicole Smith grew up in Mexia, Texas. She was a waitress, dancer and rose to fame in Playboy magazine. Photo: iProfessional

The following year he took part in two films, 1994 (“The Naked Gun 33 and ⅓” with Leslie Nielsen and “The Great Leap” by the Coen brothers) and then married Marshall on June 27 of that year. The marriage between these two people, who were 63 years apart, generated a lot of interest, with many wondering if it was love or pure interest.

Regarding this criticism, Anna said: “I saw a very ill man, someone who was physically ill. I wasn’t physically attracted at all (…) but I loved him a lot, he didn’t have a hot body, I just loved him a lot more for what he did for me and my son, nobody had ever loved me like that or done things for me, nor had he respected me that much.

Anna Nicole Smith, 26, married oil tycoon Howard Mashall, 89, in Texas on June 27, 1994. Photo: Reddit

The marriage lasted 1 year until the oil tycoon, who was worth $500 million, died on August 4, 1995 at the age of 90. During their romance, the model received numerous gifts: 3 houses and various jewels.

There were 2 funerals; one organized by the Marshall family and one organized by Anna Nicole, which was attended by about 30 people. The model was very surprised when she found out that her name is not in any of the 6 wills From your husband. The only heir was the old man’s son, whom he had with another woman.

Anna Nicole Smith and her husband James Howard Marshall. Photo: The Country

Completely outraged, she fought for her rights in court for a long time, but lost and was left without an heir. Years later, tragedy followed her, her first son died of an overdose, and she, plunged into a deep depression, committed suicide at the age of 39.

The cause of death was an overdose of barbiturates, in addition, 9 other substances were found in his body.

Who Was Anna Nicole Smith?

His real name was Victoria Lynn Hogan and was born on November 28, 1967 in Texas, USA. After graduating from college, the teenager began working as a waitress at a fried chicken restaurant, where she met Bill Smith, whom she married at age 17 and had a son, Daniel Smith, who was born on January 22, 1986.

The marriage barely lasted a year because Anna ran away from home with her son after domestic violence. In 1993, she divorced the attacker. In Houston, the young single mother got a job at another restaurant and worked nights as a dancer at a strip club, where she confessed to living in agony.

Over time, he managed to get into a cabaret permanently, Rick’s Cabaret in Houston. She made good money and decided to invest in her body: she had breast surgery and dyed her hair blonde. There he met billionaire businessman James Howard Marshall.

Anna Nicole Smith poses with her husband and son. Photo: Twitter

had a second daughter

After the bankruptcy, Anna became addicted to painkillers, depressed and under great stress. However, her life took an unexpected turn in the early 2000s when she launched her own TV show, The Anna Nicole Show, which did quite well.

He had recovered after treatment for his addiction. started a relationship with Larry Birkhead, father of her daughter-to-be, and they moved in together to live there. Finally Anna seemed to have found some peace after so much torment.

However, the heaviest blow of his life was yet to come. A few days after the birth of his daughter Dannielynn Birkhead (for whom there was later a conflict over his paternity), his son died.

Daniel was 20 years old and died in a hospital bed after an overdose. Anna could never recover from this tragedy. Five months later, on February 8, 2007, she was found dead in her room at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Bahamas at the age of 39.