"The toughest fights are yet to come.": The fight for tanks for Ukraine

"The toughest fights are yet to come.": The fight for tanks for Ukraine

Estonia and Sweden announce more military aid to Ukraine. Meanwhile, there are disagreements in Germany over the delivery of Leopard main battle tanks to Ukraine.

There are times when one should not hesitate and compare. These are approximately the words that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said to Germany at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Without naming him directly, he apparently criticized Chancellor Olaf Scholz for his line on delivering tanks to Ukraine.

He doesn’t think it’s “the right strategy” for someone to say, “I’ll give tanks if someone gives tanks.” He was referring to reports that Berlin would only be willing to deliver Leopard tanks if the US delivered Abrams-type main battle tanks.

The Politico news portal writes that the US is currently not expected to approve the delivery of its own Abrams main battle tanks. According to informed circles, the United States would prepare new and extensive arms deliveries to Ukraine. Among other things, this involves Stryker-type wheeled armored vehicles.

In the debate over arms deliveries since the beginning of the war, Olaf Scholz has always emphasized that Germany is not alone, but in coordination with partners such as France and the US. In recent days, however, the pressure on Scholz to make a decision has increased significantly. On Friday, the West will discuss new deliveries at a meeting at the US base in Ramstein.

Estonia and Sweden announce military aid

Meanwhile, Estonia and Sweden announced more military aid to Ukraine to fight Russia. The government of the EU Baltic and NATO member state Estonia decided on Thursday to supply howitzers, ammunition, artillery support equipment and grenade launchers worth 113 million euros. Sweden wants to deliver infantry fighting vehicles and an artillery system. The volume should be around 390 million euros.

“We send Ukraine the weapons they need most. Ukraine has asked Estonia for help directly,” said Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas. According to the State Chancellery in Tallinn, the package, worth 113 million euros, will increase the country’s military aid to Ukraine to 370 million euros – or just over one percent of gross domestic product. Estonia has about 1.2 million inhabitants and is one of Ukraine’s most important supporters.

“We all want the war to end. But Russia has sent a clear signal that it intends to continue its war of aggression. Therefore, the free world must continue to provide arms assistance to Ukraine, and on a much larger scale and much faster, “Kallas said. Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur also referred to the importance of delivering heavy weapons to Kyiv: “The toughest battles are yet to come.”

Sweden sends infantry and artillery fighting vehicles

According to a report by Portal news agency, the government of Sweden has announced more military aid to Ukraine for the delivery of 50 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. In addition, Swedish troops were instructed to prepare for the delivery of the Archer artillery system. A specific number is not provided. Sweden has 48 Archer systems. According to the information, the new Swedish support package has a total volume of almost 390 million euros. Sweden currently holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU. The country has also applied for NATO membership.