The three burnt  out radars in Martinique are quickly put back into service    Martinique the 1st

The three burnt out radars in Martinique are quickly put back into service Martinique the 1st

For several hours, discussions have centered on the radars set on fire in Martinique. Three of them were taken down while being placed in “accident prone” areas. The prefecture announces its reconstruction, the deployment of new radars and lawsuits against the vandals.

Peggy Pinel-Fereol • Published January 19, 2023 at 6:19 PM, updated January 19, 2023 at 6:32 PM.

The radar tower, which yesterday overlooked the expressway just before the California bridge near Le Lamentin, lies on the concrete base, the wires completely charred.

This device to combat road violence in Lamentin was recently installed. With the Estrade au Robert, these are the last two victims so far. They were set on fire on the night of Wednesday 18 January to Thursday 19 January 2023.

Degraded radar at Le Lamentin. • ©Peggy Pinel-Féréol

A few hours earlier (on the night of Tuesday January 17th to Wednesday January 18th 2023) it was that of the Union on the RN1 that was the subject of an act of vandalism.

These three deteriorations are the subject of a complaint from the Prefecture. A judicial investigation is also underway to identify the perpetrator(s) of these acts.

Keep in mind that offenders face severe penalties of up to 5 years imprisonment and a fine of €75,000 or 7 years imprisonment and a fine of €100,000 for assembly offences.

The prefecture announces that the maintenance operator for the replacement of these devices should be confiscated quickly.

Interview with Georges Salaün, Chief of Staff of the Prefect of Martinique

The prefectural chief of staff makes an inventory of the radars, their location and number. • ©Peggy Pinel-Féréol

23 radars, including 22 gun turrets, are active on the streets of Martinique. Fifteen new ones will be installed. In the long term, 38 speed cameras will be present. But only 23 devices will be operational, the others will be decoys.

One of the tower radars installed at Ducos in the RN5 section. • ©Peggy Pinel-Féréol

According to the prefecture, these devices are “primarily designed to save lives in areas where many serious speed injuries have been observed as the primary cause.”

Your location is the subject of a study and consultation.

Accidentology is the analysis of traffic accidents in the area over several years. We identify more critical areas where speed has been particularly challenged and then pinpoint locations. There is also a technical criterion. It should be known that the radar is not effective at the exact location where it is implanted, but over an area estimated to be 2 kilometers before and 2 kilometers after. But it is an analysis of accident research and consultation with the various stakeholders that allows the installation of these radars.

Georges Salaün, Chief of Staff to the Prefect of Martinique

Radar tower at Lamentin. • ©Peggy Pinel-Féréol

Each year, an average of 60,000 to 65,000 flashes are recorded by all radars on Martinique’s roads.