The terrifying moment Belinda experienced while celebrating her birthday

The terrifying moment Belinda experienced while celebrating her birthday

belinda She chose to celebrate her 33rd birthday in grand luxury accompanied by some of her closest friends. It seemed like nothing could go wrong, but… the singer got a fright she will never forget.

What happened to her was that while traveling on a private jet to Disney, she was caught in severe turbulence just before reaching her destination. This event was videotaped and belinda He didn’t hesitate to share it with his followers through his TikTok account.

Check out the video below:

The turmoil that scared Belinda

She can be seen in the video, which has already been seen by almost 2 million people belinda with a pained face. At one point, the plane shook severely and the singer couldn’t help but scream as she grabbed one of her friends with one hand and covered her mouth with the other.

A little drama was added to this whole situation as it was set to the Metallica song “Enter Sandman” without planning.

When everything finally seems to have calmed down and it’s time to reach the mainland, the “Welcome to Eden” protagonist shouted “We’ve arrived, I thought we wouldn’t tell her” while clinking glasses with a friend and trying to move himself to relax the tension they had lived.

His followers flooded the video with various witty and hilarious comments. One girl wrote: “Beli don’t leave us without releasing a record”. While another felt identified with the whole situation and said: “It happens to me… but in the truck with the potholes.”

And a third added: “¡belinda braving the turmoil as always!”, referring to all the scandals she’s been involved in lately.
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Belinda in the jet before the turbulence.

All the fear that came over her while she was in the air was left behind. Now he enjoys Disney with his friends. They toured the park all day and capped it off with a delicious dinner at one of the resort’s themed restaurants, where they enjoyed drinks with lights and some other wonders.

How did you like the reaction? belinda in the face of such turbulence?