The surprise will leave Beauce says Eric Duhaime

“The surprise will leave Beauce,” says Éric Duhaime

St Mary | At his last militant campaign rally on Sunday afternoon, Éric Duhaime was hailed as a real hero by 200 Conservative supporters. The chef said he was confident “the surprise will come from Beauce”.

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“We’ve been groping in the dark for two and a half years. Tomorrow we have the light that will appear. It shouldn’t be missed. We must take our place in the sun,” Mr. Duhaime told a hugely enthusiastic crowd.

According to some polls, Olivier Dumais (Beauce-Nord) and Jonathan Poulin (Beauce-Sud) appear to be the Conservative candidates who can best hope to enter the National Assembly on Monday night.

“The polls are good. The best overview takes place on site. What I’m seeing on the ground is much stronger than that, the change in Beauce,” said Mr Dumais.

Multiple deputies

What would happen if he managed to get elected in his rider and Chief Duhaime failed to win the battle of Chauveau?

“I didn’t even think about it because I know it’s not going to happen (…) I don’t think the people who are standing up everywhere right now just want one (conservative) candidate. She wants several. I have the impression that there will be several of us. We’re going to surprise you tomorrow. For the best,” added Olivier Dumais.

For his part, Jonathan Poulin vowed to Conservative supporters that “tomorrow we will make history”.