The Super Copa America is here Conmebol has announced 6

The Super Copa América is here: Conmebol has announced 6 guests

Renovated. conmebol confirms that the 2024 Copa América will be held in the USA and with six guests concacaf.

By: Luis Imana

After eight years, the Copa America returns to the United States after being confirmed as the venue for the 2024 edition.Conmebol announced an alliance with Concacaf to host our continent’s most prestigious event on North American soil.

Likewise, this competition will not only consist of the ten teams that are usually entered South Americabut will also have the presence of six additional rivals.

The other quotas for the teams from North America, Central America and the Caribbean are defined via the League of Nations the Concacaf 2023-2024.

“Conmebol and Concacaf are bound by historical and emotional ties. Above all, however, we are united by the passion for football and sports that is characteristic of all of America. We are determined to renew and expand our joint initiatives and projects. We want that passion to be translated into more and better competitions and for football and its values ​​to grow and strengthen across the hemisphere. Undoubtedly, both confederations believe in great things and we will work with this orientation,” declared Alejandro Domínguez, President of the conmebol.

    The Peruvian team plays the 2024 Copa America against rivals from Concacaf.  Photo: Composition GLR/AFP

The Peruvian team plays the 2024 Copa America against rivals from Concacaf. Photo: Composition GLR/AFP

It is worth remembering that the United States will be one of the venues for the next one World Championshipalong with Mexico and Canada. The country of Uncle Sam will be at the heart of the most important football competition in history as 11 cities across the country will host the event.

“In partnership with Conmebol, we will offer elite competitions that give our federations more opportunities and that we know fans want to see. We will work together to ensure football continues to thrive in both regions,” FA president Víctor Montagliani told media. concacaf.

In addition, both confederations hold a centralized club tournament in Final Four format, featuring the best teams from Conmebol and Concacaf (two from each confederation). The two organizations are working to launch this competition in 2024.