The SPVM attacks motorists who block intersections

The SPVM attacks motorists who block intersections

The scenario repeats itself every morning at rush hour near the Jacques Cartier Bridge, while a few meters from parks and schools, motorists get impatient by blocking intersections with their cars.

Pedestrians must therefore avoid them, which can be dangerous.

For this reason, the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) is carrying out a visibility operation until March 31st to correct this problem in this sector.

The passers-by met by TVA Nouvelles were pleased that action was being taken in this direction.

“Unfortunately, the police have been present since the death of little Maria, but there are really measures and [qu’il y ait] systematic for deadlock [une amende de] $100 each time, that’s unbelievable,” says a happy passer-by.

“There isn’t an intersection where I don’t have to sneak between cars,” adds a passer-by. Honestly it’s very uncomfortable and also dangerous so well done I agree 100%.”

Since the works and the partial closure of the Louis-Hyppolite-La Fontaine tunnel, traffic around the Jacques-Cartier bridge has become heavier, aggravating this phenomenon.

Guilty drivers face fines ranging from $110 to $320.