The singer’s daughter’s incredible transformation: Today she is beautiful as hell |  A physique like a true goddess    ​​​​​​Lineadiretta24

The singer’s daughter’s incredible transformation: Today she is beautiful as hell | A physique like a true goddess ​​​​​​Lineadiretta24

KellyThe daughter of the singer frontline24

A transformation that got the entertainment world talking, beautiful as hell and almost unrecognizable today: this is it

His nature has always been that of the metal genre, a genre that is still very popular with our generations today, and his father really made a fortune with this genre mentioned above, demonstrating the talent and great mastery he always had had on stage. The singer we refer to is really him, Ozzy Ozburne, The British singer-songwriter and her daughter have undergone an incredible transformation over time.

The singer’s daughter Ozzy, her name is Kelly and she is known to the general public for the famous television drama based on her family but more particularly on her father, called The Osburnes. Like her father, she also began devoting part of her career to music by releasing her first album in 2002.

The first album should be called Buy me, even if the record company banned it and after further arguments she will leave Epic for Sanctuary, which will allow her to do a duet with her father in the song Changes. In fact, the single climbed to the top of the UK charts.

Although the woman has tried the music path with a second album and also dedicates part of her career to the world of acting and fashion, She’s always had such a turbulent past that in 2004 she checked into a clinic in Malibu, California to battle her addiction to painkillers. Less than a year after fixing the problem, she returned to the clinic again.

Kelly’s transformation is truly amazing

The style of the daughter of the great singer Ozzy has changed radically over time, so the public has appreciated a new image, different from that of a few years ago. However, over time, she broke away from the image of another woman to launch a new look that literally left fans speechless.

Kelly Kelly and her incredible transformation that takes everyone’s breath away – direct line24

Its beauty is found in public in some posts published on his Instagram profile He was really amazed by this radical change.

Her change has also conquered many characters in the world of music and entertainment that Kelly herself has flirted with; including the stylist Deguendo, motocross champion Taylor, English producer Dave William and James Bourne from the English band Busted.

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