The showdown between Luca Onestini and Soleil Sorge Big Brother

The showdown between Luca Onestini and Soleil Sorge Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

what between Luke Onestini and None Good blood doesn’t flow well is well known and it’s time for the two to face the causes of their resentment and hatred that have been brewing for some time now.

In the last episode, Soleil, in the role of commentator, didn’t say very sweet words to the VIP in question. Years ago, Soleil and Luca were engaged, but just during Luca’s first participation in #GFVIP, Soleil had decided to leave him to start a new relationship.

The moment of confrontation is imminent: Luca arrives at the studio for an unprecedented face-to-face.

“I haven’t said a single word about her over the years,” says Luca, emphasizing that, on the contrary, Soleil often spoke badly of him, even though it was she who ended their relationship. Soleil tries to take the floor and, despite Luca’s numerous interruptions, she declares: “You’re tired of these little games, and luckily they notice it at home”.

What interests Alfonso, however, are the reasons for her deep dislike: “In 2017 I was with her and after two weeks in the house she cheated on me with someone else,” explains Luca. “I haven’t mentioned her anywhere else,” he continues, explaining that he forgot about their breakup and moved on.

But Soleil does not agree and accuses Luca of being a liar: “I left you because I discovered you, the one who betrayed first is not me. I discovered thousands of things before I entered, so at one point I said adios.

The discussion immediately ignites and the tone escalates to the point that a calm confrontation becomes difficult. Soleil puts the last dots on the i: “I left you and then I married another man,” she says, but Luca accuses her of lying: “Let’s change things too!”.

The time has come for the two to say goodbye and Alfonso invites them to do so with diplomacy and peaceful words, but neither of them seems ready. Between provocations and digs, Luca leaves the studio, although there seems to be a lot of unfinished business at Soleil.