The series Nuit blanche is being revived on Prime Video

The series “Nuit blanche” is being revived on Prime Video and Séries Plus

The series Nuit blanche, which was shut down by Radio-Canada after a single season, is finally entitled to a sequel to air on Prime Video and Séries Plus.

France Castel, who was barely present in the first version, will be back on set next summer to reprise her role as Loulou Hébert, a businesswoman at the head of a cosmetics empire. For now, the actress is the only one dedicated to rediscovering the “soap polar” universe of Nuit blanche. The first season also starred the matriarch’s children, played by Valérie Blais, Marilyse Bourke and Jean-Philippe Perras.

Julie Hivon, the lead writer of “Alerts,” returns to work to hatch the new intrigues of Nuit Blanche.

Prime Video will unveil new episodes produced by Pixcom on its platform and Corus, owner of Séries Plus, will do the same on its channel.

The first season of Nuit blanche can also be caught up on Prime Video.

As in the first season, which focused on the present and the 1970s, this time we follow the Hébert family, who remains upset about the murder of Loulou Hébert, and return to the 1980s. Staffel should use the same framework, this time with a focus on the 1990s.

“This is a first for Canada and we are thrilled to be working with Corus to revitalize a popular ‘fan’ series that still has so much to tell,” said Nav Saini, Prime Video Canada’s chief content officer, on Thursday in a press release.

Prime Video relies on other French-language content to attract Quebecers to its subscription offering. The Amazon platform relies on the comedy series “LOL: Who has the last laugh?” and “Just for one night”.

As for Séries Plus, it launches a major Quebec series year after year. The latest, The Bombs, starts airing this Thursday at 9pm.