The second season may have been revealed by DC

The second season may have been revealed by DC

sandman is one of the series waiting to be received Netflix the final hammer, whether it will be renewed or not, until now. This Wednesday (2), the official account of ADVERTISEMENT made a publication stating that the adaptation of the comics by Neil Gaimann was renewed with a new teaser. The post was deleted but netizens saved the printouts; see below:

“The dream goes on. Netflix’s Sandman will return with new episodes based on Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels to explore more Endless stories.

So far, both Netflix and DC have not officially commented on what happened or if Sandman will have a sequel.

Last month, the author himself explained the reason for the delay in confirming (or not confirming) the production. “The first season of Sandman was released on August 5”; said Gaiman. “The data collection has just finished and it’s complicated because a lot of people don’t bingewatch, but watch as they unfold and digest episodes before watching the next one. Telling Netflix to hurry won’t make decisions faster. ”

The series revolves around the people and places affected by Morpheus (Tom Sturridge), the king of dreams, in an attempt to correct the cosmic and human mistakes he has made in his vast existence. The first season is available on Netflix.

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