The second most visited park after Banff is in Quebec

The second most visited park after Banff is in Quebec

Gatineau Park is also called the green lung of the Outaouais. It’s a huge green space that looks like a slice of pie and stretches over 360 square kilometers. Hundreds of kilometers that allow us to play outside, summer and winter alike.

“Well, I work in the summer (laughs). That’s why I really enjoy the park the most in winter. I go hiking sometimes, but let’s say my sport is cross-country skiing. – Alain d’Entremont, Senior Manager, Visitor Services and Recreational Programs at the NCC


As a native of the Outaouais, like Alain, the park was my playground, where I spent a lot of time in my early twenties with my then-dog, Balzac. It was our almost daily encounter with nature. I especially loved circling Pink Lake. There is something magical about the place. Maybe it’s the color of the water!

“It is true that Pink Lake is quite popular, but I would tell you that the best kept secret is the Meechtal. It’s really beautiful. The little road, the covered bridge, it’s super rural! And a lot less crowded than anywhere else. »


At the heart of the park is the Mackenzie-King Estate. These properties are the former property of William Lyon Mackenzie King, who served three terms as Prime Minister of Canada between 1921 and 1948.

Many personalities have visited the property including Sir Weston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle.

Up until his death in 1950, Mackenzie built King Cottages, a farmhouse, beautiful gardens and pathways on his land. You can even visit ruins hidden in the middle of the forest.

“If I could speak to him today, I would ask his advice on how to balance conservation and recovery. Gatineau Park is the second most visited park in Canada after Banff. There are approximately 2.7 million visits per year. On the other hand, our park is twenty times smaller than Alberta’s. So I would like to know how to protect it while keeping it accessible. »


Gatineau Park is a legacy to the people of the area. It is a habitat for many plants, trees and animals not found anywhere else in Quebec. For example, there is a species of snail not known anywhere else in Canada: the Gatineau snail. You can also spot the only known population of blanding turtles in Quebec!

Feeling somewhere else, you know that the park’s panoramic trails stretch for about forty kilometers, giving you access to the most beautiful places and, above all, the most beautiful viewpoints!

To discover or rediscover!