The second BBB 23 party has gaffe, bullshit, insults and duvet  splash

The second BBB 23 party has gaffe, bullshit, insults and duvet splash

The second official BBB 23 (Globo) party has taken place!

And if this time there were no kisses on the track, there was no shortage of talk about the game, bullshit between participants, rivals who badmouth the leader behind his back, suspicions of a possible double agent, sister thinking about it, whether she is doing the right side of the game and a quick duvet at the end.

Come and see the highlights of the event!

Éo Tchan Show and Beto Jamaica faux pas

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BBB 23: Beto Jamaica mixes up names on the É o Tchan Show

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Beto Jamaica, one of the partygoers, slipped up with Sheila Mello at the end of the É o Tchan show, the second performance of the night.

When she thanked the dancer who performed the band’s greatest hits on stage on the show, the singer called her “Carla.”

“Carla … Sheila Mello, thank you very much”, thanked the singer and quickly “fixed” the error.

high “bet”

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BBB 23: Key says with Nicácio that he’s sure Gabriel will leave the game

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Gabriel continues to be the target of most brothers and Key said he believes he will be eliminated.

Button: “Does he think he will stay in the VIP section for the rest of his life? I want to see him when he is with Xepa.”

Fred Nicocio: “He will not have time to go to Xepa”.

Button: “Not even”.

Fred Nicocio: “He will not have time to see the house”.

Button: “Man, I’ll give my C* if this guy doesn’t get out of here. I’m auctioning off my C* so ​​this guy can get out of here. What a joke.”

Aline cries while singing and dancing ragatanga

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BBB 23: Aline Wirley cries after dancing ragatanga at party

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Sister Aline Wirley became very emotional after dancing and singing “Ragatanga” with the brothers.

As the song began, Aline ran onto the stage, kissed the girls who were part of Rouge with her, and burst into tears at the end of the song.

Fred Nicácio and Cara de Sapato hugged her and lifted her into their arms.

Fred Nicácio and Gabriel are at odds

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BBB 23: Fred Nicácio and Gabriel argue during the second party

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Fred Nicácio and Gabriel exchanged ideas quickly. The discussion took place while the winner of Casa de Vidro and Cezar Black chatted in the kitchen.

Fred Nicacio: “Assume you are a cold and calculating type and bring that trait to the game. As I told you yesterday, cold and calculating people, as I told you yesterday, are capable of biting the neck of anyone who is on their side. . You are not trustworthy, old man.”

gabriel: “Completely frivolous, but I don’t want you to trust me, we’re in different groups. I never asked you to trust me.”

Fred Nicocio: “Not even if you asked”.

gabriel: “It’s all right”.

Fred Nicacio: “I’m just surprised by your concern about having to justify yourself to others. it is your need So it’s your justification. If you’re like that and you’re okay with that, you don’t have to look for me to say that”.

gabriel: “You shouldn’t say what I have to do or not do. I think what I have to do.”

A couple worried about the partnership

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BBB 23: Gabriel and Paula are talking at the second party on the show

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The recent affair between Gabriel and Bruna Griphao was the subject of Paula’s outburst to her partner.

Paula: “I asked God for two things. The second was that there was someone really nice, really nice, and who was really my friend, really nice, and who didn’t need to be like me. I leave Casa de Vidro with you as that nice person. My concern today is that you are no longer here because of your relationship with Bruna and your closeness to Guimê. And everything is fine.

However, Gabriel told the sister that she remains his priority and in the sequel comes MC Guimê.

Gabriel: “I’ll make it clear again. Guimê is my second priority. I will do everything to protect you. If we were alone and I won the angel you would be in the angel.”

Key Alves insults Bruna Griphao behind her back

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BBB 23: Key Alves returns to detonate Bruna Griphao

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Speaking to Gustavo in the room during the party, Key Alves returned to detonate Bruna Griphao.

key: “She’s an actress, bitch”

gustavo: “Do not say it…”

Button: “Go fuck your ass girl. She’s so spoiled, nasty.”

Hours earlier, at the party, she had already spoken badly about her sister to Marília.

key: “Bruna is extremely influenced by her shitty boyfriend. She’s a poor thing. Think, the day he has to choose between her and Guimê, who will he choose? Guimê!”.

The volleyball player mentioned that she asked for her phone to take selfies with her and was ignored.

Button: “Anyone who doesn’t have the education to deal well with people can learn from a 23yearold girl here. You can learn what education is from me.”

Marília accompanied her friend and said that Bruna and she have no contact unlike her with Larissa, the actress’ partner.

New Juliet?

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BBB 23: Key Alves quotes Juliette when talking about Cristian

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Speaking in the Fundo do Mar room, Key Alves indicated that Cristian’s potential banishment from the house could benefit him.

Key Alves: “If Brazil saw all this gossip in the pool manipulating to vote for Cristian, Brazil is on his side. He’s got a lot of chances to be big out there, the guys get in fights. It’s always been like this, folks. Juliette was like that. “

double game

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BBB 23: Gustavo says he thinks sister is playing a double game

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Gustavo confessed to Fred Nicácio that he believes Marvvila is playing a “double game” and sharing information with the “other group”.

Fred Nicacio: “Do you think not everyone is with us?”

gustavo: “I don’t think so, man… I think Marvvila passes information there, she came… Guimê doesn’t even look me in the face anymore.”

fred: “Shit. I hope you’re wrong.”

gustavo: “Sorry Brazil if I’m wrong.”

Larissa thinks about the page she is on

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BBB 23: Larissa tells Fred she thinks they’re on the wrong side

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Larissa told Fred Desimpedidos that she believes they are on the wrong side of the game.

Larissa: “Honestly, I feel from the bottom of my heart that we’re not on the right page. I could be wrong and I will protect those who defended me in the beginning but I feel some things are not right and so leaves me cornered. very difficult”.

The physical education educator said she believed they would become good friends but thought her friend was influencing her to nominate Fred Nicácio and Marília for the wall.


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BBB 23: Bruna Griphao and Gabriel make out under the covers

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After a long chat with MC Guimê about the course of the game, Gabriel and Bruna Griphao made quick kissing moves under the covers in the leader’s room before Larissa arrived at the scene.

Minutes later, the two got ready and went to sleep.

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