The Scott Brothers and Outer Banks What if these two

The Scott Brothers and Outer Banks: What if these two characters were the same person? – Télé leisure

At first glance, “The Scott Brothers” and “Outer Banks” are two very different shows. But upon closer inspection, an actor from one looks exactly like the character from the other. What if they were actually the same?

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The Scott Brothers and Outer Banks are two very different shows. The first film, currently available to watch on Prime Video, began in 2003. It follows the lives of two half-brothers Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty), who live in the fictional town of Tree Hill in North Carolina . The series explores themes of family, friendship, love and basketball, all set against the backdrop of teenage drama. “Outer Banks” combines adventure, romance and teen drama in the picturesque setting of Outer Banks, North Carolina. It’s about a group of young friends, the “Pogues”, who search for a legendary treasure linked to the disappearance of the protagonist’s father, John B. Routledge. A priori, these two fictions have nothing to do with each other. However, they have one thing in common: Cullen Moss.

The Scott Brothers and Outer Banks: An actor starred in both series ten years apart

The 48-year-old American actor has actually excelled in both series. More than ten years ago, he was the one who appeared in The Scott Brothers. Remember: He played the role of Junk, one of Lucas Scott’s childhood friends. In the series he was supposed to be a high school student. But in reality he was already 28 years old at the time of filming. And it appears a decade later than Police officer in the series Outer Banks. In the Drama Queens podcast, actress Hilarie Burton was happy about this successful transition: “I love Cullen’s crossover with Outer Banks. Because I don’t care if the characters have different names. In my opinion, Junk is the copOuter Banks

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The different roles of Cullen Moss

Cullen Moss seems to be a subscriber to the role of a police officer. In addition to “Outer Banks,” the filming of which was hell for some actors, he played a sergeant in the series “American Wives” in 2010 and Officer Gorman in “The Walking Dead” in 2014. He even played the role of a police officer in the cinema. 2013 in A Haven of Peace, a film by Lasse Hallström with Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. In 2003, Cullen Moss even played the lead role Dawson. But this time he played the role of a stock market advisor.

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