The Scot picks up a ‘Spreader Angel’ at sunset Extra

Stuart Murray, 56, observed this sunset near his home in Portsoy (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) one night earlier this month. What was supposed to be a beautiful but ordinary day turned into something unexpected.

Using his smartphone, Stuart snapped a photo that’s making waves on social media. As the sun slowly disappeared into the North Sea, the reflection of light stretched across the surface of the water. The light reflected its yellow glow in semicircles to the left and right of the setting sun, creating the shape of an “angel”, with the “spread wings”.

blog sunsetscotland ‘Angel’ at sunset in Scotland Photo: ‘Angel’ at sunset in Scotland

“For years I’ve wanted to photograph the sunset, but work or the weather often got in the way.‘ the Scot said, according to the Daily Mail.

“I’m not religious, but I knew what most people would think of when they saw the photo. If that gives a little consolation to one or the other, so be it. I was really looking for the classic image of a sunset. Sun”added the amateur photographer.

On the networks, many compared Stuart’s “angels” to it Angel of the North (Angel of the North)a giant sculpture in the town of Gateshead (England):

Angels of the North in Gateshead Angels of the North, in Gateshead Photo: Reproduction/Twitter