The Santa Fe Klan perform in Phoenix without musicians or dancers

The Santa Fe Klan perform in Phoenix without musicians or dancers

Posted in SHOW on 07/30/2022 18:17

Arizona.- Better known as the Santa Fe Klan, Ángel Quezada has become one of the favorites of Mexican rap fans and has reaped the success that led him to be part of the soundtrack of a Marvel film.

A native of Guanajuato, he began his tour of the United States and Mexico on March 11, performing at venues from Monterrey, Nuevo León to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Last Friday, July 29, the singer performed at the Arizona Federal Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, a venue that has a capacity of five thousand people.

However, this presentation had some logistical problems, which is why the 22-year-old has performed the concert alone ever since his team didn’t arrive on time.

Fans attending the 2022 Mar y Tierra Tour in Arizona had to wait two hours for the presentation to begin, but the Santa Fe Klan reported that their dancers and musicians were stranded in Laredo, Texas.

“All my team, my musicians, my dancers and all the people stayed in Laredo, we didn’t get a plane,” said the singer.

Accompanied by a Norteño group and a DJ, the singer managed to finish his concert.

Through his Instagram account, he apologized for the lack of production, he also acknowledged his work team and reiterated that the Santa Fe Klan is the entire team behind it.

“Sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to and you never have to give up. You always have to find a way to move forward, smile and thank God for one more day, which is the most important thing.”

On July 25, Marvel reported that Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan would be part of the soundtrack for the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever with the song “Soy.”