The sad fate of one of the most sought after

The sad fate of one of the most sought after gallants, with Verónica Castro and Victoria Ruffo at his feet

Victoria Ruffo and Veronica Castro Victoria Ruffo and Veronica Castro
Nov 2, 2022 8:31 p.m

If there are two great Mexican actresses with a long career that everyone remembers, it’s Verónica Castro and Victoria Ruffo, who were the protagonists of several successful soap operas in which they shared the screen with handsome leading actors. But what few know is that both shared the same love.

This is heartthrob Guillermo Capetillo, older brother of Eduardo Capetillo, who starred in the telenovela with Verónica Castro wild Rosewhere he was her romantic interest after he was her son in the melodrama Even the Rich Cry.

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He starred with Victoria Ruffo in the telenovela La Fiera, where he was the heartthrob who won the heart of the queen of telenovelas; and it was precisely in this novel that Victoria stole the limelight from Veronica because the world dreamed that Guillermo and Victoria would be a couple in real life because of the love scenes they acted out in fiction.

With this role, Victoria Ruffo became the eternal protagonist

And despite the fact that those telenovelas we mentioned were huge screen hits, heartthrob Guillermo Capetillo tired of the limelight and continued his profession as a bullfighter, but it didn’t last long; then decided to live a normal life. He has moved away from the screens and is in the real estate business.

Guillermo Capetillo before and after