The robots the TNT the gas leak what is true

The robots, the TNT, the gas leak: what is true about the new hypotheses on the sabotage of Nord Stream Open

The usage of robot employee of maintenance. and 500 kilo out TNT on the pipes. This could have led to the explosions in the Baltic Sea which caused the four leaks in the pipeline north current. While Finland reports that there is a chemical weapons depot in the area. And the manager announced that the pipeline stopped leaking gas. What else is in the canal. The new thesis of sabotage was reported by some experts to the Guardian: “By planting the bombs that caused about four leaks 80 meters deep in the exclusive economic zones of Sweden and Denmark it could have been the maintenance robots working inside the pipeline structure during the repair work.

The index finger

And should this theory prove correct, “the sophisticated nature of the attack and the force of the explosion would support the suspicion that the attacks were carried out by a state power. Pointing the finger at Russia ». Someone sources of intelligence quoted by Spiegel magazine go even further. And they report that the pipelines were hit in four places Explosions triggered by 500 kilograms of TNT. This corresponds to the explosive power of a bomb in an airplane. That’s what German investigators say Diver or remote controlled robots You may be able to visit the locations as early as this week. To collect useful information about how it went. The consequences of the error are now being investigated. The Finnish Environment Agency (Syke) reported that the first loss was recorded in Bornholm Basin in Denmark. That’s the most important thing Baltic chemical weapons dump.

Although, according to Syke himself, “it is likely that the effect of gas leaks on chemical weapons is minimal because they are buried several kilometers away, the impact is still uncertain”. The Corriere della Sera adds that the expert Hello Sutton presented similar scenarios. Accordingly, the bombs were also laid well in advance out underwater drones. There is even the possibility of installation during the construction phase. Inspection equipment undermined the pipes from the inside. Also consider the submarine hypothesis, even if the K-329 Belgorod she was in completely different areas at the time of the accident.

Whose Nord Stream is it?

According to this thesis, Russia may have chosen sabotage to send a message of deterrence. Or to avoid paying replacements for missing shipments. But nobody excludes the other traces: those of the Americans and those of Poland. The owner of north current is the management company NordStream AG based in train (Swiss). The shareholder structure consists of Gazprom (51%), Ruhr gas (15.5%), Wintershall (15.5%), NV Nederlandse Gasunie (9%), Gaz de France-Suez (9%) The project started in 1997 if Gazprom and Neste created North Transgas Oy for the construction and operation of a gas pipeline. That September 6, 2011 Gas arrived in the first pipeline. In which’August 2012 The construction of the second line has been completed.

In the meantime, the gas has escaped from the pipeline is over after an equilibrium has been reached between the gas pressure and the water pressure. “The water pressure more or less closed the pipeline so that the gas inside would not escape,” said the spokesman for the management company of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Ulrich Lissek. “The bottom line is there’s still gas in the pipeline,” he added. While the methane cloud formed as a result of the gas escape 09/27 “Currently not detected in northern Italy. So it could have been diluted en route, changed trajectory, or not yet detectable in our country.”

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