The Rings of Power Find out what Galadriel meant

The Rings of Power | Find out what Galadriel meant by “noro lim”

In Episode 6 of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Galadriel made her horse run a lot after saying “Noro lim”. But what does it mean?

In the elven language created by Tolkien, “noro lim” means fast or run fast, and hey, this isn’t the first time that’s been used in The Lord of the Rings #1.

As the most nostalgic fans will remember, this word was also said by Arwen while she ran away Nazgul With frodo into Rivendell The Fellowship of the Ring.

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On this occasion, Arwen said: “Noro lim! Asfaloth!” and said the name of his horse at the end of the sentence.


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