The result of the Big Brother Vip televoting has been announced: it will come out

The result of the Big Brother Vip televoting has been announced: it will come out

GF Vip televoting result GF Vip: This is who will come out in the next episode

GF Vip, here’s who will be coming out in the next episode: Unbelievable, she will be the one to say goodbye to reality TV forever. Let’s see who it is.

In the last few hours the result of the televoting has come to light: you won’t believe it, it will be her who will have to leave the most spied house in Italy. That’s it.

Also for this edition of the Big Brother VIP, Alfonso Signorini has opted for a star cast. It is no coincidence that reality television remains the most watched program by the general public. The most passionate fans enjoy watching our Vipponi’s every move thanks to 24/7 live coverage. It is precisely thanks to this tool that it is possible to catch the movements of competitors in the act and then record them through the application. Many like to post the most iconic moments they have witnessed on Twitter.

The lucky ones also manage to get noticed by Julia Salem, who shares the best tweets of the night with viewers during the episode. But not only because a real one has emerged in this social network community who can also predict whether or not it will appear in the next installment. Just in the last few hours, a new poll has released who it could be Monday is eliminated. This time the fans have all joined forces against them, for the network it is clear: they will have to say goodbye to reality TV. Are you curious who it is? let’s see it together

GF Vip: She will say goodbye to the reality show, the result leaves no way out

It’s not the first time the internet has foreseen the release of one of the Vipponi, it’s certain that everything could change during prime time. But for now, fans are sure of that, I have to say Goodbye to Big Brother Vip it will be right Wilma Goich, or at least the web hopes so. In fact, many users on social media would have expressed some kind of dislike for Vippona.

GF Vip televoting result Wilma Goich has to say goodbye to GF Vip

For many, the singer would not be honest with her colleagues. Primarily with Patricia Rossetti, which did not protect her from severe criticism after leaving the house. But not only that, viewers are convinced that Wilma has also reached the limit in direction Nikita. In fact, Vippona fans are tired of hearing that insults von Goich was aimed at the girl, for many there is no doubt that she will be the one to leave the reality show. Here are the televoting predictions:

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