The rescue of Private Pavel (and his detailed analysis of Russian army disasters)

The rescue of Private Pavel (and his detailed analysis of Russian army disasters)

Pavel fought in Ukraine for two months with the 56th regiment. It would be an elite unit, even if no more than one jump would be possible on a typical day: the attendants had no idea how to fold the parachute and relaunch. Between corruption and wrong deeds, the superiors don’t even know how to count their men and buy the right size boots.

While Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and United Nations Secretary Antonio Guterres met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Lviv (perhaps – according to Turkish CNN – also to deliver a message from Putin that he would now like to have dealings with and Meeting with Zelensky), Russian paratrooper Pavel Filatyev was looking for a way to escape from Russia. Pavel posted one of the most interesting analyzes of his army’s problems on VKontakte (VK, the local Facebook). He compiled notes, photos and memories: The result was a very detailed 141-page diary about the life of a Russian soldier in 2022. There are the corrupt colonels who make rations for the troops disappear (sometimes the matches from energy bars, protein powder and vitamin drinks have resurfaced for sale on eBay). There is a long list of unnecessary fatigue and avoidable suffering to be endured during the training phase, with the effect that comrades get used to stealing food from the mouth and rubbing each other, so when they come forward,” No” he is not a team spirit ”: the lack of solidarity has a negative impact both on the number of casualties and on combat effectiveness.

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