The Reporters’ Silence and Terrorism 2.0 against Cuba

The Reporters’ Silence and Terrorism 2.0 against Cuba

In this article, the author analyzes the destabilization and terror plans that have taken place in Cuba in recent history and how they have mutated into a digital one, a psychological war planned from Miami that has largely failed.

  • The silence of reporters and terrorism 2.0 against Cuba
    The silence of reporters and terrorism 2.0 against Cuba

When several people organize and send emissaries commit acts of terrorism in their own country or abroad, and these acts are undertaken they are usually news. Surely you’ve heard about it when it happened in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Boston or New York.

They are facts when they appear there were headlines, and some have unleashed years of bombing thousands of miles (in Afghanistan, for example), extrajudicial executions by drone (268 Barack Obama authorized before the New York Times revealed him as a court and executioner), or the kidnapping, murder, and disappearance of the corpse of former CIA operative Osama Bin Laden, to name just a few. Likewise There are those suspected of such crimesAccused without proven guilt, They may have survived without being executed…and spent nearly two decades in the US Department of Defense’s lawless prison in the Cuban territory of Guantanamo illegally occupying this military unit.

But if instead of in countries in Asia or the Middle East, these events are prepared and funded in a city in the United States called Miamiand the likely victims could then be in a Cuban embassy or shop in Havana you won’t know and even less are the masterminds and financiers of such acts denounced in the media, made black beasts of the news and viciously persecuted by the ruling political, media and military apparatus. Even less so the government of the country in which Miami is located, whose State Department publishes an annual list of countries.sponsors of terrorism‘ will place itself in it.

Commander Fidel Castro used to call these extremist groups “the Miami terror mafia,” while others call them the “anti-Castro industry.” mob because they are groups of people that by blackmailwhich has reached extreme violence has managed to control the political expression of the Cuban community residing in that city, the way the representatives are elected (mayors, local and federal congressmen) and the expression in the city’s media, where this position on Cuba, the industry, is practically unanimous, because such behavior is very profitable. Like any business outside the law, The mafia industry must rely on the complicity of the authorities to thrive. This terrorism has cost the island 3,478 lives and left 2,099 people with consequences. His executors were at Watergate and the Iran Contrass and have always been connected to high levels of US politics and intelligence. Only these links can explain the impunity they enjoy.

The arrival of the Internet and its Web 2.0 led to the appearance of a new type of product in this sector: the anti-Castro influencer or youtuber that, like before the CIA infiltration teams in the 1960’s or 1970’s or the mercenaries sent from Central America in the 1990’s, encourage arrival on the Isle of Men commissioned to carry out terrorist attacksas happened recently in the city of Lawton in Havana, or they pay directly by digital means for people living on the island to carry out these types of acts, as happened in a shop in the Vedado neighborhood after the media events in before Cuban Ministry of Culture in November 2020.

but psychological warfare needs imagespayment will only be made if The executors send the filming or photos of the results to their financier influencers in Miami on Facebook to be published, which will make it look like an internal rebellion against the “Cuban dictatorship”. This has been demonstrated more than once on Cuban television, without the major Western media always being attentive to terrorism when it occurs in Europe and the United States and without paying the slightest attention to it.

The cause of such a rebellion would be the shortages and power outages that Cubans are experiencing, yes with constant references in the western press, without saying that the same terrorist mafia created such shortages by the Trump administration when they demanded to prevent travel , remittances and cuts of all types of income for the Cuban economy. The alleged pretext for this were reports by the State Department of “acoustic attacks” on US diplomats in Havana, which are now available Even the CIA itself denies they ever existedand the presence of 20,000 Cuban soldiers in Venezuela that only the Miami press could see and report on.

The truth is, as always Support for such terrorist acts in Cuba is so great that people have to be paid and sent from abroad to carry them outand no matter how much money and enthusiasm is expended, always stemming from Uncle Sam’s coffers, Havana and the island in general continue to exhibit a calm and security that is the envy of Miami itself and most Latin American cities.

It is thanks to the courage and ineptitude of its financiers, a terrorism more virtual than realbut nothing justifies the media’s silence on him, let alone the tolerance of the White House-installed government, posing as the gendarme of global security, toward him.