The reasons William Levy is debating a return with Elizabeth

The reasons William Levy is debating a return with Elizabeth Gutiérrez

Although William Levy is best known for the Colombian Netflix series Café con aroma de mujer, his career dates back a few years when he started out as a soap opera actor in Miami and worked on Venevisión Internacional productions that originally aired in the United States of America from the Hispanic chain Univision.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez is an American actress, model, and businesswoman of Mexican descent; Known for her participation in soap operas. met with William Levy In 2002 and from then on they thought of starting a family and so in 2006 after four years of relationship Christopher Alexander was born who is now 16 years old and in 2010 came Kailey Alexandra who is 12 years old.

At that time William Levy wrote on his official account Instagram through stories: “You know which people are really worth it? The one who apologizes, the one who talks to you when she misses you, the one who talks to you again after an argument because she doesn’t want to be wrong with you. If you have that person. Take care of them ’cause it’s not easy to find.

Speculations of a reconciliation also arose because of Cuban actor Tophy’s grandfather raiseShe died and this brought the family back together…or at least via social media. For her part, the actress Elizabeth Gurterrez Uploaded pictures to their stories Instagram in which he published pictures of his grandfather William Levy with father and family.

It doesn’t mean there’s a reconciliation or that it’s imminent, it’s just a sign of affection for someone who was part of his family and blood of his children. There was a time when Elizabeth Gutierrez also wrote on his account Instagram taking into account William Levy: “William and I have always raised our children with love and respect!! teaching them the best we could as parents. I will always thank him for supporting me and continuing to support me so I can stay home and see my kids and be there for them.”

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