The REASONS why Sara Corrales refused to formalize her courtship

The REASONS why Sara Corrales refused to formalize her courtship with Gabriel Soto

It seems that the love scandal of Gabriel Soto with Sarah Corrales She still has a lot of material to cut off because the reasons for this are the beautiful Colombian rejection formalize a engagement with the Mexican actor, so he would have had no choice but to go back to his current partner, Irina Baeva.

After that, the alleged love triangle broke out Gabriel Soto Y Sarah Corrales shared credits in the melodrama “My Way is to Love You”, where the kisses and daring scenes sparked passion and rumors about a possible one engagement Therefore Reasons very specific could not formalize.

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These rumors were unleashed despite the fact Gabriel Soto He is in the middle of a relationship with the also actress Irina Baevaso said engagement faltered after bickering over a possible love triangle.

Now it would be time Sarah Corrales who reveals why refused to formalize a engagement with Gabriel Soto And although the actor filled it with details, there are traits of his personality that the Colombian didn’t like.

Sarah Corrales Do not touch Gabriel Soto He was very afraid of change and did not want to give up his relationship with her Irina Baevaso for the Colombian these were Reasons of weight not to proceed with courting the actor.

another the Reasons Therefore Sarah Corrales refused to formalize with Gabriel Soto It was that he noticed a great deal of insecurity in the actor, so he decided he’d better walk away and put Land in the middle so Soto could focus on his engagement with Irina Baeva.