The reason why Brazilians dont vote How are the votes

The reason why Brazilians don’t vote: How are the votes counted? HOW

Taking your party’s vote, keeping it in the envelope and putting it in a ballot box is something prehistoric in Brazil. This country dialed through Electronic ballot boxes since 1996. Its electoral system is one of the most modern and safest in the world and this Sunday it will be put to the test again.

Electronic voting has been implemented simplify and streamline the process, in addition to fight fraud, as before this new system was introduced, many ballot papers were filled in during the counting process. Jair Bolsonaro strongly disagrees, believing that this very system allows for fraud, even though the machine isn’t connected to the internet, so hacks aren’t possible.

How did this advancement in the electoral system come about?

Before electronic ballot boxes were introduced, Brazil was a country where a Much of the adult population was illiterate. You have previously voted ballotin which they should cross a box or fill in the candidate’s namedepending on the type of choice.

When it came time to count the Voting became cumbersome and it could even take several days before a result was achieved. In addition, many ballot papers were illegible or the cross was outside the box, rendering the vote invalid.

Against this background, computer experts of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) developed the first model of an electronic ballot box, which was tested in local elections nineteen ninety six in 57 cities in the country. The process was successful. In the 1998 presidential election, 67% of voters used this system, and subsequent paper-free elections.

This is how electronic ballot boxes work

Although the name indicates that it is an urn, it is actually a machine with a screen and keyboard, as if it were a cell phone. The operation is intuitive, so all those called to vote, including blind people, can do so without complications, since each button has a number in Braille, as well as headphones through which they can hear what they are doing.

Electronic ballot box.


Electronic ballot box.

Citizens, if they go to vote, have to first of all Enter your candidate’s number (in Brazil the lists are open). Back then the photography of the politician appears on the screen. Next you need to press one of the three buttons: the green to confirm the choice, white to vote blank and orange to correct.

How does the exam work?

This system not only allows you to save paper and vote more conveniently and easily, but also speeds up the process of determining results. In the elections of In 2018, in just 16 minutes, it was already known that Bolsonaro would be the next president.

Once Election Day is over, the president of each polling station introduces one code on the machine and that prints some sort Receipt with count and generates a encrypted message sent from transfer points to Central computer of the Electoral Justice in Brasilia.