The real estate crisis also affects Rimouski

The real estate crisis also affects Rimouski

The housing crisis continues to affect all of Quebec, particularly in Rimouski, where the housing vacancy rate is estimated at 0.2%, one of the worst in the province.

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A few days after July 1st, around ten households in Rimouski are currently homeless. The Office d’habitation de Rimouski-Neigette (OMHRN) declared that this was the worst year in terms of the housing crisis. 3 1⁄2, 4 1⁄2, 5 1⁄2 and more are practically impossible to find.

The city of Rimouski has temporarily relocated two households to hotels for the first time. Eight other households were served by the OMHRN.

Despite the circumstances, the housing office is relieved. He is pleased that all residents who have expressed their need are being cared for. The organization said no one was on the streets at the moment.

The OMHRN suggests that citizens looking for housing use social media, specifically Facebook and Facebook Marketplace. He also recommends having all his documents ready, including a letter of recommendation from a previous owner. The Housing Office reiterates that it remains available for residents who are struggling to find housing.