The ranking of the 10 worst beers in the world

The ranking of the 10 worst beers in the world

Not surprisingly, beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Due to high consumption, there are many varieties, but they are not always popular with drink lovers. With this in mind, an American beer rating platform has chosen the worst beers in the world. Check the ranking now and stay tuned if you pass any of them in the market.

The worst beers in the world

Through BeerAdvocate, a rating platform, users rate beers from all over the world. This made it possible to create a list that reveals the worst beers out there. Now check the ranking:

10. Bud light

The AnheuserBusch beer with an alcohol content of 4.2% is particularly popular in the USA.

Because of the mildness in its taste, the tasters of platform they blame her. Some comments even claim that they taste like cornflakes and are not only very sweet.

9. Milwaukee’s Best Light

At 4.2% ABV, Miller Brewing Co. is another that hasn’t garnered the best praise. Its most criticized characteristics were: the sticky foam, a little oily and the texture of champagne.


As much as this beer’s calorie content is low and attracts many customers, its other attributes don’t seem to make up for it. At 2.8% alcohol, consumers find it very light with a taste very close to that of mineral water. Also, the aroma of beer is reportedly not the most pleasant.

7. Beer 30 Easy

At 4% alcohol, one of the most criticized points was its aroma, which is closer to that of metal and sugar. The slightly fruity taste also gave it a sugar water aspect.

6. Natural ice

With the highest alcohol content on the list (5.9%), it’s loved and hated everywhere. His criticism arises because of his moderate taste.

5. Keystone light

It doesn’t usually get very positive reviews on the platform, with some saying its taste has aspects of sparkling water. However, its low price and alcohol content (4.1%) keep it on the shelves.

4. Sharps

Although many criticize having almost no alcohol (0.4%), this is not the only reason. Reviews show that it tastes like water and nothing else, like a frothy water drink.

3. Natural light

Since it is very popular, it divides opinion. What makes it so hated is the damp basement smell it gives off. That said, the taste isn’t one of the best.

2. Budweiser Select 55

Its taste and aroma did not please consumers. Some complain about the texture and low foam, the odd smell, and the watery and sour taste.

1. True Draft 64

At the top of the list, the world’s worst beer was not well received by consumers. The main point of criticism was the beer’s attempt to reduce calories, which ultimately affected the taste.