The Rai1 show for Raffaella Carrà has been postponed, the tribute evening will not be broadcast in 2022

The Rai1 show for Raffaella Carrà has been postponed, the tribute evening will not be broadcast in 2022

The project of an evening event on Rai1 dedicated to the memory of Raffaella Carrà seems destined to be postponed to 2023. The hypothetical date is June 18, when she would have turned 80.

The Rai1 show for Raffaella Carra has been postponed the

It was seen as one of the central televised events of the Rai1 summer, but the evening dedicated to the memory of Raffaella Carrà sure looks like postpone until 2023. Exactly these 18th of June next year, the day that the icon of Italian television and music he would have turned 80. TvBlog announced this, reporting the relocation of an event that for many months has been at the center of projects and hypotheses that technically should honor Raffaella Carrà, dated about a year after her death July 5, 2021.

The evening event has been postponed to 2023

Apparently this will not be the case and the project of an evening event celebrating the career and international fame of one of the most beloved faces of Italians (and not only) will have to wait a few more months to become a reality. That of Raffaella Carrà is an absence that still weighs heavily and that found moments of memory and celebration in some moments during the television season that ended a few weeks ago, including the Ariston stage for the Sanremo 2022 Festival.

The event will be moderated by Milly Carlucci

Less the postponement, the execution of the event is entrusted Milly Carlucci and the aired on Rai1. The show was to be broadcast from the auditorium of the Foro Italico, which has been the scene of many programs directed by Raffaella Carrà, including Carramba, what a surprise that also hosts another great program of our TV channel or Dancing with the Stars hostess is precisely Milly Carlucci.

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The studies in Via Teulada are named after Raffaella Carrà

The presenter of Dancing with the Stars was the carrier of the proposal to name the television studios of the Foro Italico after Raffaella Carrà, but from Viale Mazzini it seems that the intentions are different, namely to name the Via Teulada 66 studies, which the ‘ saw their debut with programs that made the history of Italian television, including the memorable Studio Uno.

Also in Rome a place for Raffaella Carrà

If Madrid already has a square named after Raffaella Carrà, the Campidoglio is moving in the same direction to pay homage to our diva by naming a square in Rome. This seems to have been unlocked in recent days with the Cultural Councilor Miguel Gotor, who stated: “We are talking about a personality of Italian art and culture who, if and when the request arrives, will certainly be evaluated by a commission “. Thus, the administrative procedure can be initiated after the mayor, the councilors and the citizens have forwarded the application.