The Rage of Attilio Romita    Big Brother VIP |  GFVIP 7    Big Brother

The Rage of Attilio Romita Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

The relationship between Atilius Romita and the few friends out Edoardo Donnamaria and Edward Tavassi still very variable.

If, on the one hand, Attilio accuses the #Donnavassis of always wanting to be the center of attention and wanting to control all the activities of the house, the two Edoardos, on the other hand, believe that Attilio suffers from delusions of protagonism and feels threatened by their presence.

After days of respite, last night’s game night appears to have reignited Attilio’s resentment toward his roommates. The journalist, offended by the behavior of the two Edoardos, decided to protest by refusing to host the TG GFVIP like every Friday.

“I’ll go on strike if you’re not there,” she says Murgiato convince the reporter to change his mind.

A little later Attilio confides in him Luke Onestini about the reasons for his decision. Tavassi and Donnamaria’s numerous digs during last night’s rap challenge really annoyed him, he explains.

Attilio is tired of being humiliated and teased, although he always puts himself at risk and works with everyone for the collective amusement, he is loyal and I agree,” he says.

“I see two people making themselves available to entertain everyone,” interjects Onestini, who agrees with Attilio but doesn’t think the two Edoardos had bad intentions.

It’s definitely a bad day for the journalist and his nervousness seems to be growing by the hour: will he decide to turn a blind eye to the matter, or will he stick around for much longer?