The Queen of the South 3: DID Teresa Mendoza Die?  This is the hidden MESSAGE in the FINAL of Season 3

The Queen of the South 3: DID Teresa Mendoza Die? This is the hidden MESSAGE in the FINAL of Season 3

Since its premiere Queen of the South 3 has created great expectations among her fans and followers because for this new season, the protagonist, Kate del Castillo He shared that more political issues would be addressed in the production. The Telemundo series became one of the most watched and anticipated final Several unknowns have surfaced, questioning whether he died Teresa Mendozawell there is one hidden message in this long-awaited result.

After waiting for the last chapters of Queen of the South 3, the outcome of this story is completely closed to us as some unknowns have remained unexplained, which is why some fans are hoping that there will be a fourth season of this production. But recently the protagonist, Kate del CastilloShe made it clear that for her the series must already have reached its climax final and that it’s time to say goodbye Teresa Mendoza.

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the final of third season this series with the main roles Kate del CastilloShe was one of the most watched by fans of the production as one of the most anticipated moments was the confrontation between them Teresa Mendoza and Epiphanio Vargas. For this third tranche, the question arose as to whether he died However, Teresa’s character is the hidden message In the resolution, he makes it clear that La Reina del Sur will be re-released.

After confronting that Teresa Mendoza With Epifanio Vargas, La Reina del Sur manages to escape, despite the fact that she is shot and seriously injured, but not without eliminating her enemy. After the assassination of Epifanio, the character played over Kate del CastilloShe goes to a truck and after opening it, she finds that it is full of money, making it clear that she was once again victorious in this fight Queen of the South 3.

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the final from Queen of the South 3was quite unexpected as one of the doubts was whether Teresa Mendoza has diedbut apparently as a result, the protagonist comes out of this confrontation alive, according to the hidden message in this third season makes it clear that the story between the celebrated Queen of the South and her allies is not quite over yet, leaving open the possibility of a fourth part. So far, however, Telemundo has not ruled on the matter for its part Kate del Castillo made it clear that it is time to close this story.