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The Quebec Symphony Orchestra at Laval University: an intimacy that the new conductor appreciates

The Quebec Symphony Orchestra took over the agora of the Pavillon Desjardins at Laval University on Thursday at noon, and its new conductor Clemens Schuldt greatly appreciated this intimacy with the audience.

Around forty musicians and a few hundred spectators followed the lead of their new conductor Clemens Schuldt during a free show by the Quebec Symphony Orchestra on Thursday in the agora of the Pavillon Desjardins at the University of Laval.

“That’s why I became a conductor,” says Maestro Schuldt, who was already assistant conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra. “It’s about being close to the audience and close to the musicians; “This atmosphere is great and cannot be compared to any other concert,” he says a few minutes after his performance.

The maestro is rightly pleased with the response on the University of Laval campus, as both the ground and the three floors of the agora of the Pavillon Desjardins were full of curious people and admirers who did not skimp on the applause after each song.

Aside from the Agora where he and his team played, Clemens Schuldt says he loves Quebec City.

“For me it’s Canada’s top class,” says the German without hesitation. “The people are so open, we are close to the water and I really like Old Quebec too; “It reminds me a little of France,” he then explains.

A local as assistant manager

Clemens Schuldt.

Assistant Chef Marie-Claire Cardinal. Alexander Caputo

Violinist Marie-Claire Cardinal stood out from a record number of applications for the position of assistant conductor in residence of the Quebec Symphony Orchestra. The student at the Conservatoire de musique de Québec enchanted the audience with a single piece that he conducted during this short, approximately forty-minute concert.