The PSPP defends its leadership and calls for a vote

The PSPP defends its leadership and calls for a vote

The leader of the Parti Québécois believes there will be a surge of sympathy for him two days before the vote and knows the challenge will be to motivate voters to vote. Still, he had to defend his lead after excluding two candidates from his team without asking for them to be removed from the ballot.

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Walking through his hometown of Trois-Rivières, the PQ leader insisted on running a campaign of positive ideas.

For the past few days, the director has been saying there is a surge of sympathy for his training because of the positive campaign he has been running, he says.

“Now the challenge is to turn that wave of sympathy into results,” said Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, hoping to convince the undecided.

“I appeal to our supporters […] It is necessary [inciter à] who will vote, who may not vote.

Excluded Candidates

However, the PQ leader was again forced to defend his decision not to call for the official resignation of Pierre Vanier in Rousseau and Catherine Provost in L’Assomption. A lack of leadership, says Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, co-spokesman for Québec solidaire.

The couple spread Islamophobic and anti-veil messages on social media between 2015 and 2016.

“They asked me to be judged and not on the whole [sur] 2015 publications only. And I have accepted that request,” the PQ leader said, regretting that his candidates’ previous stories uncovered by journalists result in other issues being sidelined.

“I will not throw mud at Québec solidaire and the people will judge. This decision is appropriate and reasonable under the circumstances,” he said, arguing that “leadership makes difficult decisions, but with respect and listening.”

The name of the Parti Québécois will therefore continue to appear on Monday’s ballot below the names of the two candidates. The formation also collects the totals for each of the votes for them.

The leader assures that he will find a way to redistribute them. The same applies to the percentage of votes registered through universal suffrage.

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