The professions of the Employment Village Futura

The professions of the Employment Village – Futura

Here are some good reasons to join the Employment Village. Village de l’emploi stands out from other professional training courses that offer immediate employment thanks to its concrete and tangible benefits.

The promise of a real career

Unlike other brands, Village de l’emploi does not offer any type of job. This is not a small job or an entry-level position. The career accelerator offers people who have completed several years of study a comparable career. The job in question is usually a strategic position in a large company.

In-depth knowledge of the various specialties on offer

Village de l’emploi involves students directly in major projects at the end of their studies. Apprentices are trained and supervised by experts with many years of experience. Some are past winners who have already pursued the specializations offered by the Employment Village. The range of training courses is also extensive. This includes, among other things, technical supplements, communication and project management.

Attractive salary and professional development

Unlike some instant-hire apprenticeships, this career accelerator offers a job that pays well. In general, after 3 years, the student can earn 50% more than people who have taken a traditional path. Those who choose to start their own business can earn even more income. Some former winners, for example, earn between 6 and 10,000 euros a month.

A career accelerator for free

It is important to point out that the program offered by Village de l’emploi is free. This is possible thanks to the partnerships built between the various actors and partners in the labor market. In fact, a win-win economic model supports the costs incurred by such a cog. Despite being free, it uses great tools and various resources to improve its students’ skills. For this reason, the career accelerator has a team of several experts.

A career that is rapidly gaining momentum

At Village de l’emploi, you don’t have to complete several years of study to find your dream job or position. In fact, despite their BAC+5, various students do not necessarily get the work that corresponds to their field of study. At Village de l’emploi, all you have to do is attend a 3 to 9 month training course to launch students’ careers. Among other things, it is an accelerated training that combines the theoretical and practical side.

Discover the training opportunities for IT professions that the digital age will bring to the fore for many years to come:

Project management assistant

Mathieu Sbai is a recognized expert in the field of large IT project management. He initiated the Employment Village method. Project Management Assistance or AMOA/AMOE is a specialty that adapts to all profiles, whether literary or scientific. However, it remains ideal for individuals who lack technical expertise. Note that the Village de l’emploi career accelerator only accepts applications from BAC+2. This condition also applies to other disciplines. In order to integrate these trainings, it is imperative to be motivated. Full commitment and great focus must be combined to gain access to employment.

Skills acquired in assisting project management

In general, people from this background are able to restate a client’s needs as part of a project. They can provide perfectly relevant advice or support to the project owner. They also participate in the implementation of an effective strategy to carry out the project designed by the contracting authority.

The professions that the student can practice in project management assistance AMOA/AMOE

The possibilities are numerous and everything depends on the choice of the trainee. Project Management Assistance or AMOA/AMOE can be exercised as:

  • MOA/MOE consultant;
  • MOA/MOE Project Manager;
  • Recipe Test Advisor;
  • ALM/JIRA Administrator;
  • design analyst;
  • testing and automation consultant;
  • Quality manager.

Regarding AMOA/AMOE Project Management and Project Management, the student may work in industries such as:

  • Insurance: life insurance, provision and pension insurance, health insurance;
  • Finance: wealth management, leasing, consumer credit;
  • Ecommerce: CRM, CMS, Drupal;
  • Accounting: Retail, SAP, GOLD.

The contents of the training for project management assistance

Choosing this specialty leads the student to choose a specific branch:

  • AMOA bank financing;
  • AMOA insurance specialization;
  • AMOA specialization in large-scale logistics distribution;
  • Project management support program specializing in testing and testing tools;
  • Project management support program specialized in SWIFT and SEPA;
  • AMO Specialization in Credit Risk Management.

Ex-winner as a teacher to teach this profession

Former winners who made a breakthrough in their careers thanks to Job Village are also among the expert trainers. Indeed, these profiles are in the best position to share their success methodology for landing the desired job. They also have many years of experience in their field. They are perfect for advising students on mistakes not to make and tips on mastering the tools they need for their work.

Business Intelligence

This economic specialization is primarily reserved for students who have a more technical or scientific profile. It should be noted that this is a specialty that is in high demand for its usefulness in ensuring the sustainability of a business. Many groups try to have a business intelligence expert on their teams.

Acquired knowledge in Business Intelligence

At the end of the training, the students are able to master the tools and methods to manipulate the different data of a company. You must be able to collect, consolidate, model and restore them. The information collected should help the company’s decision-makers to formulate strategic goals. In other words, his advice affects the future of the company.

Business Intelligence specialization opportunities

Since it is a sought-after specialty in the digital profession, there are many opportunities. At the end of their course, the trainee can easily apply their skills as:

  • database analyst;
  • Analyst-Designer, Information and Decision-Making System;
  • database manager;
  • ETL developer;
  • decision consultants;
  • database architect.

You should know that different groups working in different fields are continuously recruiting business intelligence specialists. Among other things, it is the area of:

  • bank insurance;
  • the logistics industry;
  • Insurance.

The content of the training in Business Intelligence

In the field of Business Intelligence, the student has the choice between several branches. His decision must be consistent with the activity he intends to pursue.

  • Business informatics – specialization data internship;
  • Business Intelligence – Genio Specialization;
  • Business Intelligence – specialization computer science;
  • Business Intelligence – SAS Specialization;
  • Business Intelligence – MS BI specialization;
  • Business Intelligence – ODI Specialization;
  • Business Intelligence – Talend Specialization.

New technologies and development

The New Technologies and Development department was set up to support IT specialists in acquiring additional qualifications. It also allows to consolidate certain acquired knowledge of the student. This practical knowledge can be quickly applied within the position they hold.

Skills acquired in new technologies and development

The Emerging Technologies specialization allows students to master software development and the various IT tools dedicated to site and application design. In general, students are able to master different types of computer languages, such as:

  • Java;
  • VS# ;
  • C++;
  • PHP;
  • HTML5 and CSS3.

The Employment Village also strives to provide comprehensive training to enable students to coordinate teams at the end of their studies. You must also be able to carry out development projects.

Opportunities related to the New Technologies and Development specialty

After just a few months, the trained students are able to practice study-related professions and software development. You can take the following positions:

  • web developer ;
  • E-Commerce Project Manager;
  • analytical programmer;
  • programmers and mobile applications;
  • website designer;
  • Studies in computer science;
  • IT project manager, new technologies.

It is important to point out that the Employment Village currently has almost 17 main partner companies. Among the most important are It Projects Manpower SL, Maintnet Global Services SLU. These positions relate to the professions of the future. The probability that after 10 or 20 years they will disappear is minimal, since they are in high demand. In addition, technology is evolving to create other important jobs in large companies that are involved in the IT field.

The contents of the training in new technologies and development

The Department of New Technologies is divided into several branches. The student chooses the course that best suits their goals.

  • Java J2EE specialization;
  • AGL specialization;
  • dotnet specialization;
  • C++ specialization;
  • PHP specialization;
  • Javascript specialization.

Experienced specialists in new technologies and development

New technologies and development students are supported by professionals who hold positions of responsibility in partner companies. Among other things, there are specialist consultants for new technologies and business intelligence. In this way, the gap between education and the skills required to practice the profession becomes almost zero.

Data management, systems and database

Contrary to popular belief, this specialty caters mostly to profiles that don’t necessarily have computer skills. However, it is important to have completed at least one scientific or technical education in order to integrate this education.

Acquired knowledge in data management

After nine months of training, the student masters the tools for manipulating Big Data in the Data Management, Systems and Databases course. He must have full authority in relation to the management of the company. It must be able to manipulate data. It should be noted that at the end of the training, the students each receive a certificate on the acquisition of skills in relation to the specialist knowledge learned.

Opportunities related to the specialty Data Management, Systems and Databases

Data management is a highly sought-after specialty in several fields of activity. By choosing this course, the students are able to work in production and company-related professions. You can take the following positions:

  • production consultant;
  • operational analyst;
  • production consultant;
  • production integrator;
  • database administrator;
  • Windows/Linux/Unix system administrator;
  • Information systems security auditors;
  • computer systems and network managers;
  • workstation engineer.

Note that this list is far from complete. In the field of information systems, the possibilities are numerous. Students are free to choose the profession they wish to pursue.

The content of the training in data management

Since data management is a broad field, the Job Village has set up several course offerings to guide students towards a specific area. Among other things there are:

  • data management, systems and database professions;
  • network security for data management;
  • data management and operation;
  • data management DevOps;
  • data management, Linux system administration;
  • Windows administration.

Qualified experts to learn the profession of data management, system and database

Top-class expert coaches accompany the students in the areas of data management, systems and databases. They usually have more than ten years of experience in the field of business informatics. In doing so, they hold key positions in relation to the profession they teach. These expert teams include managers and consultants.

Article written in collaboration with Le Village de l’emploi