The “problems” of the weapons sent, the strategies for retaking Kherson and the arrival of M113 armored vehicles from Lithuania

The “problems” of the weapons sent, the strategies for retaking Kherson and the arrival of M113 armored vehicles from Lithuania

From Poland they complain about Germany, which is always slow and indecisive. Warsaw has sold over 200 tanks. The Norwegian bullets for the German Gepard anti-aircraft tanks are useless

The sea front and the south front are the focus of the military notebook. For the acts of war and the announcements of Vladimir Putin.

in the viewfinder

The day began with the explosion of a drone at the Sevastopol base in occupied Crimea. Five wounded, scheduled ceremonies for the Festival of the Fleet suspended. The authorities blamed the enemy, Ukraine denied their involvement. The vehicle used appeared to be fairly amateur, perhaps a civilian model modified to carry a grenade, possibly activated nearby. The ballet of versions recalls similar episodes when Russian villages were targeted. At the time, Kyiv had denied it and – as in these hours – argued that it was a matter of a provocation. Affirmation that letting others speak is also a way to strike without taking responsibility. On the other hand, if it was the Ukrainians, it could be a demonstrative gesture by invaders on a “historic” date. It’s the context that gives meaning to the story. The party of the fleet – often humiliated in the Black Sea – and the speech of the Kremlin leader presenting the new naval strategy. Many messages: they will defend the sea borders by any means necessary, there is a global challenge with the United States, the new Zircon hypersonic missile will soon enter service, a major commitment to strengthen the Navy. Drawings of splendor disturbed by this little cheap explosive ship.


An expert proposed his theory about the Battle of Kherson, a possible target of a Ukrainian offensive in the south. in summary. Kyiv can’t get a quick win and that’s not even a priority at the moment. His pressure is aimed at tightening the logistics of the army, which has been sending reinforcements for days. It is possible that Putin’s generals will decide to fall back on the east bank of the Dnieper to reduce distances, have lighter supplies and count on artillery cover. From the camp there are always reports of pontoons from boats of the invaders, damaged bridges, destroyed storage facilities. Episodes of resistance sabotage continue: the last one affected the railway in Svatove, north of Lysychansk.

The raids

Instead, President Zelenskyy has asked the people of Donetsk to leave their homes so as not to become the target of enemy bombing raids. A movement to anticipate more difficult situations in the future. Russia is pounding with its own arsenal: among the dead is Oleksiy Vadatursky, owner of the large agribusiness Nibulon, who was killed along with his wife in the Mykolaiv region. Collateral victims like hundreds of others. Or the target of a targeted attack as a well-known personality in a key sector. And this on the eve of the possible departure of the first Navy grain convoy.

funds and supplies

Observers are reporting the possible use by the Resistance of the American drone kamikaze Ghost Phoenix, a model that has just emerged from prototype status provided by Washington to the Allies. A video shows him attacking a tank. From Poland, on the other hand, they complain about Germany, which is always slow and indecisive. Warsaw sold over 200 tanks to Ukraine and had to have German vehicles in return. The “circle” is not yet closed. Things were no better with the Norwegian grenades for the German Gepard anti-aircraft tanks: they were useless, they revealed problems. How technical problems would have arisen with the large PhZ 2000 self-propelled guns, since they were designed for a (maximum) rate of fire of 100 rounds per day, an insufficient limit since the artillery duel must fire at will. Added to this is the ammunition used for the shot extension, which is not appropriate for the piece. Berlin has promised to remedy the situation. These are all management knots that are difficult to unravel with such diverse “donors”. Lithuania, which along with the other Baltic countries is among the most determined in the fight against the bear, has announced the delivery of another ten M113 armored vehicles, which are not modern machines, but are intended to fill “holes” in a segment in which Ukrainians are at a disadvantage.

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