The pro Russian film about the war in Ukraine with

The pro Russian film about the war in Ukraine with the fake Zelensky, the Nazis and the NATO laboratories photos

The Belarusian opposition media Nexta announces that in the self-proclaimed People’s Republic Lugansk Filming has begun on a film about the war entitled ‘Polite People’. According to some footage in the film published on Twitter, it is possible to admire an actor playing the role of Volodymyr Zelenskyy with soldiers Nazi swastika and even one biolab. This last circumstance must be explained: from the beginning of the war Ukraine In fact, there are many Russian conspiracy theories on this topic. They claim that there are “NATO” laboratories in the country, which are accused of various atrocities from time to time. Like creating monkeypox, for example. And not only that: the theories have from time to time touched on the Azovstal steel mill, the production of phantom bioweapons and the presence of an alleged general, who was then “arrested by the Russians” in the basement. All bullshit, but great plot material. One final comment on the film’s title. Literally, it means respectable people, but the term is also reminiscent of a Separatist logo, which has even been reproduced on some t-shirts worn by fans of the self-proclaimed republics. Last August the Ukrainian journalist Artyom VeskoOperator of the Rada TV channel in the region LuganskIt ended up in a controversy over wearing it while working in a mall.

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