The President of Bolivia emphasizes the strength of the national.webp

The President of Bolivia emphasizes the strength of the national currency

“The country’s economic stability is achieved through the confidence of Bolivians in the national currency. 86.2 percent of savings are in Bolivians, as are 99.2 percent of loans, with a default rate of 2.2 percent, among the lowest in the region,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The dignitary added that public deposits in the financial system completed 224,400 bolivianos (about $3,200 million) in 2022, up 6.1 percent from 2021.

Likewise, credits grew by 7.7 percentage points, reaching 214,753 million bolivianos (three thousand 67 million dollars), meaning that “economic reconstruction is underway”.

The director of the Financial Systems Inspectorate (ASFI), Reynaldo Yujra, on Tuesday highlighted the solidity of the plan, stressing that it was reflected in a growth of 6.1 percent and 7.7 units out of 100 in the loan portfolio, deposits and loans , respectively, last Year.

Experts believe that the success is due to the actions of the national government aimed at rebuilding and reactivation of the economy through import substitution, the efforts of the population to meet their obligations and the good performance of the financial institutions.