The presenter of opens the game and reveals details of

The presenter of opens the game and reveals details of the union with the singer

One of the topics that became relevant at the end of December was the relationship between Leandro Karnal, the anchor of CNN Brasil, and Vitor Fadul. The communicator had never publicly signaled the marriage to the singer, but they had been living together for a number of years. “It wasn’t a secret to anyone. There has never been a double game with the people we care about in that regard,” said the São Paulobased broadcaster’s contractor.

“Now the general public knows it too. We’re still learning how to deal with this harassment based on a personal fact. We made our decision mainly because we felt it could be an example for other people. So that they know that between two men, two women, there is a normal, full and happy life… Any form of love that respects others is valid. People need good examples that inspire them to follow their deepest desires. It took a long time, but everything has its time and hour,” he said in an interview with GQ.

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When asked about the impact of the marriage reveal, Leandro Karnal pointed out that it was mostly positive. “Of course there are haters and prejudices. Two people have said they will unfollow me, which I respect. Vitor was also more in demand on his networks and more hassled by people. Our mutual friends and family, they all always came to our house,” he said.

The CNN Brasil host revealed that the two met shortly after the death of Leandro Karnal’s mother. “We met shortly after my mother died in 2017. A few months later, Vitor, an actor and singer, was at the Masp Auditorium in a show based on Bizet’s Carmen. I was dating an actor friend and he was dating an actress friend. He had read a book of mine in college, he approached and we talked. The meeting was very pleasant. After that, Vitor took part in some soirees at my house, we started talking more, a great affection arose, which turned into love and marriage,” he concluded.