The PLQ opens into a tunnel for the Québec-Lévis    tramway

The PLQ opens into a tunnel for the Québec-Lévis tramway

Liberal Party leader Dominique Anglade opens the door to a tunnel under a river for her tramway project between Quebec and Lévis. However, the Liberal leader qualifies the project as 3rd placee Multi-billion dollar “hole in the river” Caquiste link.

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“Beyond the east-west tram project, we also want a north-south connection. We want it to go through Charlesbourg, the airport region, and we want it to go to Lévis,” Dominique Anglade said today when the identity of his candidate in Louis-Hébert was announced.

However, voters will no doubt go to the polls without knowing the exact location where the PLQ’s Québec-Lévis tramway would cross the Saint Lawrence River.

In a tunnel, from downtown to downtown? On the old Quebec bridge? The vagueness remains and will likely remain.

“It’s the experts we’re going to be working with who can tell us how to do it,” pounded the head of PLQ.

“They are the ones who will speak up with concrete measures. And when you’re talking about tunnels, and it’s the engineer who’s talking, you need plans, you need offers. »

3e Caquist link to forget

One thing is certain: CAQ’s motorway tunnel project will be put on hold.

The training also promises to make public all existing studies on the 3rd link. The boss has been demonizing the government’s tunnel project for months.

“Because it doesn’t make sense to have a $10 billion project with two tunnels and drawings on the corner of the table. It just doesn’t last. You have to rely on experts and that’s what we’re going to do in the proposals we’re going to come up with,” she said.

Many stages

According to our information, however, the residents of the greater region still have to be patient, because the Quebec-Lévis project would only be carried out in a third development phase, according to the PLQ boxes.

According to our information, the Lebourgneuf and Airport sectors will be prioritized in the so-called phase 2 of the project.

In a press conference today, Dominique Anglade did not want to give a deadline.

An announcement to talk about mobility issues will be forthcoming and the whole issue of public transport will be addressed.

At that time, all forms and projects of public transport are exhibited there.

There will even be beautiful models, a source close to the file assures.

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