The pilot ejects an F 35 fighter jet mysteriously disappears

The pilot ejects, an F 35 fighter jet mysteriously disappears from radar: "A field of rubble" finally found

Well, all it takes is for the pilot to eject, for the transponder to suffer an “unexplained error,” and for the aircraft in question to be an F-35, a fighter known for its…stealth is.

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“A field of rubble”

This Sunday, the pilot of an F-35 fighter jet crashed mid-flight. The pilot, who was able to land safely after deploying his parachute, was found safe and sound in a residential area of Charleston, in the state of South Carolina (USA), not far from the air force base, around 2 p.m. local time. But even though the pilot is safe and sound, the plane remained untraceable for many hours. So much so that the base in Charleston issued an appeal to the public to locate the plane, which could have traveled hundreds of miles given its fuel level and the fact that the autopilot was engaged.

Joint Base Charleston personnel and @MCASBeaufortSChave located a debris field in Williamsburg County in close coordination with local authorities. The debris was discovered two hours northeast of JB Charleston.

– Joint Base Charleston (@TeamCharleston) September 18, 2023

Finally, “authorities discovered a debris field (that) Monday afternoon” in Williamsburg County, the New York Post reports. “Community members should avoid the area while the recovery team secures the debris field,” Joint Base Charleston said.