The photos of the fatal accident in Weißensberg

The photos of the fatal accident in Weißensberg

01/21/2023 11:04 am (act. 01/21/2023 11:04 am)

The small truck slammed into the trailer head-on.

The small truck slammed into the trailer head-on. ©Davor Knappmeyer

Two men, according to the Bavarian police from the Bregenz area, died in a serious traffic accident in Weißensberg on Friday afternoon.

On Friday, January 20, 2023, at around 5:35 pm, a Mercedes Sprinter and a semi-trailer collided on the B31 near Weißensberg. The driver of a 40-year-old sprinter drove with his 38-year-old passenger on the B31 in the direction of Sigmarszell.

Facing the semi-trailer

Foto 20.01.23 19 17 58 2

Both vehicles were badly damaged. ©Davor Knappmeyer

About 300 meters short of the A 96, the 40-year-old man turned left into the wrong way for an unknown reason and crashed head-on into an oncoming trailer. The 40-year-old man and his passenger, both from the Bregenz area, were so seriously injured in the impact that they died at the scene.

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B31 had to be closed for several hours. ©Davor Knappmeyer

The 36-year-old driver of the Polish semi-trailer was slightly injured. The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kempten hired an expert to clarify the course of the accident.

Foto 20.01.23 19 47 13 1

The damage to the semi-trailer testifies to the force of the impact. ©Davor Knappmeyer

The B31 was blocked for several hours while the accident was recorded. In addition to the emergency services, the fire brigade was also on site. The recording of the traffic accident was taken over by the traffic police inspection in Kempten.

Foto 20.01.23 20 20 43

A large contingent of emergency services was on site. ©Davor Knappmeyer